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Home repairs can be expensive, these are the 3 costliest.

This Post is Brought to You By Griffith Energy Services Have you ever tried to remodel your home with kids around? Not only are there multiple strangers in your house as contractors and construction workers try to make repairs, but it’s hard to go about your day when the kitchen is under construction or loud power drills keep the kids up from their naps. Planned construction is bad enough, but unexpected repairs are even worse. Not only are they an {Read More}

Looking for non-romantic gift ideas for men?

Valentine’s Day is typically a day full of love and romance. Men are not always the gushy gooey lovey type. Here are some of my non-romantic gift ideas for men to still spoil your sweetheart. We all know deep down all men are big softies. However, they have to keep up the persona that they are big rough and tough men. This can make gift giving difficult, especially when it comes to Valentine’s Day.  I came up with non-romantic gifts for {Read More}