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My top 10 Easter basket filler ideas.

Easter is around the corner. I always had fun customizing my daughter’s Easter baskets when she was young. Here are my top 10 non-religious Easter basket filler ideas. Here are my top 10 Easter basket filler ideas. My family is not religious so we celebrate the holidays our own way. My Thoughts: Who doesn’t love bubbles? I’m an adult and I still can’t resist bubbles. I think the little toppers are adorable! My Thoughts: What Easter basket is complete without {Read More}

Viki’s Granola makes it easy to add fiber to your diet.

Viki’s Granola was created as a delicious, nutritious snack to be enjoyed by Viki’s family and friends. Cooking and baking have been her lifelong passion.  Viki, a stay-at-home mom at the time, asked her daughter what she wanted to bring to the school bake sale. When her daughter said, “Granola, please!” Viki, while amused that her daughter wasn’t asking for brownies or cookies, thought to herself, “Easy! Granola … coming right up.” Viki’s baked granola was literally eaten right up—it was such a success that there was {Read More}