25 Kid-Friendly Halloween Crafts


I found this website at Cheap Sally and I thought I’d share it with my readers. Halloween is just around the corner. I remember when my daughter was little making all kinds of holiday crafts with her. Now I plan to do that with my step daughter.

This is a quote from the original site:

If you are looking for some fun activities this Halloween, to get your kids involved, why not have fun completing some crafts together?!  No matter the holiday, a time of togetherness is what it’s all about.  Looking beyond the creative and cool Halloween costumes, and even the collection of yummy treats, crafts are a way to not only have fun with your children but also a way to create displays for the holiday season. I have scoured Pinterest for the BEST Kid-Friendly Halloween Crafts.  Below you will find 25 crafts that your children are sure to love. Let’s check them out…

25 Kid-Friendly Halloween Crafts

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  1. I can’t open the 25 ideas and am very interested because I need to cone up with a fun craft or two for next week for a group of young girls. Can you email the info somehow? Thanks, Diane

    • Hi Diane,

      I’m sorry. This post is old and I got the information from a different source. It looks like the original poster took the link down.

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