Book Review: Abundance Kids Books

Abundance Kids Books makes great personalized books for your child.

My Alphabet Book (Girls)

Abundance Kids Books has different books you can have made with your child’s name. Gina’s Library of Reviews is happy to bring you this review for their My Alphabet Book for Girls

My Thoughts on the My Alphabet Book for Girls:

Personalized items can be hard to come by if your child has a unique name or a unique spelling of a common name. My niece has a unique name Mikella. We can’t go to the store and just purchase something with her name, we have to have them custom made. This is why I’m happy to be able to review this book for her.

Mikella is around a year and a half old. She’s just getting into playing with toys and she loves books. Mostly she likes the bright colors of the pictures at this point. This book is great for her short attention span. The book is short with only a few pages and each page is a different letter of the alphabet.

Each page is set up the same. The letter is mentioned, along with a sentence about something that starts with that letter. A picture follows that showcases the sentence. At the bottom is a longer sentence describing the page with Mikella’s name. 

Here is an example of the page for the letter A:

A is for apple:

Picture of girl eating an apple.

Mikella is eating an apple.

This book is a fun way to read to a small child about the alphabet that will eventually stick in their little minds. The fact that their name is in the story may even help to keep their interest longer.

Abundance Kids Books sells personalized books in different themes and for both boys and girls. They would make a great holiday gift this year.

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To learn more about the My Alphabet Book or to purchase your own check them out on their website.

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