AeroBed Air Mattress Review

Aerobed makes comfortable portable air mattresses. This queen sized premier air bed with built in pump is one of them.


Aerobed has offered comfortable portable air mattresses since 2001. A year after they came on the market the company redesigned their mattresses.  They now inflated 30% faster and 20% firmer than the original and the recessed pump design made it even more versatile. The Whoosh™ valve offered quick, hassle-free deflation so the Aerobed® mattress could be stored in a matter of seconds.

At the end of 2010 two of the world’s leading airbed manufacturers came together when The Coleman Company, Inc. They are working together to find new ways to help people disconnect from daily life, experience something remarkable and seize the night.

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Why I love my Aerobed:

Aerobed makes portable air mattresses in different sizes. For the purpose of my review I received the Premier Air Bed with Built-in Pump in Queen size.

My husband and I enjoy camping in the summertime. Sleeping on an air mattress is a lot more comfortable than sleeping in a tent. Of course this air mattress requires electricity to pump up. Fortunately our type of camping has access to electricity. We don’t camp in the middle of the woods (although my husband would prefer that type of camping).

My family owned an Aerobed in the past, they have been improved over the years. I love that now the pump is built in. In the past it was separate and you had to remember to charge it to pump up the mattress.

Another feature on the Aerobed I love: there is a decrease button.

This is not to fully deflate the mattress. This is used to adjust the air in the mattress if you make it a bit too firm for your liking, you can decrease the air a small amount at a time.

This mattress comes with a travel storage bag. Everything fits in the bag making storage of your air mattress easier. The mattress is heavy though so I don’t recommend putting it on a shelf where it can fall off. It could hurt someone if it falls off and hits them. Another great feature of this mattress is you don’t need to worry about buying special sheets for it. Since this is a queen size mattress, standard queen size sheets fit.

If you are in need of a portable mattress for camping or for house guests you can’t go wrong with an Aerobed.

From now until April 1, 2016 – May 11, 2016 and only for online orders you can get 15% off. No overnight or 2nd day orders included; ground shipping only within the contiguous US. They also offer free shipping for orders over $99.

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  1. Aero Bed air mattress? Is it really that comfortable and convenient. Love the size. It is one of my must have items when it comes to sleeping. Thank you for sharing, please keep it up

    • It really is very comfortable. I have a hard time getting it back in the storage bag. I need to come up with another storage system. I use mine in the summer for camping.

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