Agloves Texting Gloves Review

Agloves are great texting gloves! We are all addicted to our phones and know how hard it is to use our phones with typical gloves in the winter time. These touchscreen gloves can be a life saver if you’re outside!


Agloves are the leading touch gloves brand, envisioned and created by a Boulder, CO.-based team in 2010. Texting gloves are a must have item when out in the cold winter air and while using smart phones.

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I suffer from poor circulation so my hands are the first thing to get cold, even in the house.

I wanted a pair of texting gloves and these ones from Agloves are perfect. They are not only functional they are extremely warm.

These gloves are different than others on the market. There are 2 unique features to these gloves that I love: 

  1. The gloves have tiny raised dots all over that make it possible to use your touch screen technology. You no longer have the struggle of lining your finger up just right. Which allows these to be great glider gloves.
  2. Agloves Original integrate patented silver– technology into each and every fiber of the glove, packing optimized conductivity and thermoregulation into every pair.

Silver is a natural thermoregulator. This means it traps in your own body heat making your hands stay warm inside the gloves. You don’t have to worry about the cold seeping in. Scientists used silver in space blankets to give astronauts warmth. Silver is also an antimicrobial material. Acrylic fiber is known for being soft and warm with a wool-like feel. They do not feel anything like wool though. Wool is scratchy and can irritate sensitive skin. These gloves are soft and very comfortable.

There are two different products to choose from: Original Sport (retail $14.99 ) and Polar Support (retail $19.99). Both gloves come in sizes S/M, M/L and XL. If you are a first time buyer you can save $5 on the Polar Support making them $15 with free shipping, use code POLAR.

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