Apr 20

AKA Originals Personalized Jewelry

AKA Originals personalized jewelry is beautiful. With handstamped custom necklaces, personalized bracelets and more, they are the perfect place to shop this Mother’s Day.

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AKA Originals personalized jewelry has mostly hand stamped jewelry, but some is also etched. They have a variety of jewelry pieces you can pick from and they’re all rather lovely. All of the items they sell are made by hand and are made with 0.925 sterling silver and copper metal. They are a family run business that consists of a mother and her two daughters.

They have custom men’s jewelry along with women’s, so you may find something for dad or grandpa on this site as well. Things like key chains, guitar picks and more, I’m sure your dad will love something from AKA originals. I do love how much you can really personalize a piece of their jewelry.  They have five fonts to choose from and silver or gold chains. You can also choose birthstones with certain pieces.

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aka originals, aka originals review, handstamped jewelry, personalized jewelry, personalized necklace, custom necklace

I’ve spent my entire life wanting some personalized jewelry.

My name is unique. I never have come across anything with the name “Taryn” on it. It’s gotten more popular over the years, but still, it’s not very out there. Even though I finally had a chance to get my own personalized necklace, I put my daughter’s name on it. I love my daughter’s name and I am now wearing her everywhere with me.

I can hand it down to her one day when she’s older as well. I picked the Jeannie font because it looked fun and had them add some stars to make it more whimsical. I picked a 16 inch chain thinking it was long enough for me. However, it’s a bit short and almost a choker on me. It hangs about an inch down on my neck, so it doesn’t really dangle a lot. This is fine for me, actually almost perfect really. My daughter tends to grab at and pull on long necklaces. This one she hasn’t bothered with. I’ll also be able to give it to her at an earlier age, since it’s a smaller chain.

I’d probably have been happier if I choose the 18 inch or 20 inch chain. (Chain length is an option you choose!) You also get to choose silver or gold. Obviously I choose the sterling silver chain for my custom necklace. You can choose one or two names to put on their name bar necklace. I was so thrilled to be able to have my daughter’s first and middle name on it. I just love her name so very much. I was told to make sure I love the name I pick for her because I will be yelling it often. I am never tired of yelling her name, because I adore it and it has meaning to it. Had I picked a name that sounded off when yelling it, I’d be cringing half the day. (I’m getting off topic here, sorry.)

AKA Originals has many other personalized jewelry options for you to choose from. Some allow multiple names, some have birthstones, others have sayings; there’s really something for all. I am sure I will be buying some custom rings from them one day, as I am really impressed with the quality of their work. I highly recommend checking them out.


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  1. Kelly D

    I like the couples bangle bracelet in sterling silver.

  2. Marti Tabora

    My favorite is definitely the wedding date and couples initials necklace with wedding colors . I think it’s so pretty and would love to have it. Thanks.

  3. Kristen

    I like the personalized family necklace with photo charm.

  4. Sarah Hayes

    I love the custom bar necklaces. I’ve been wanting one for a long time. the 2 washer necklaces are nice as well

  5. polly

    I like the Diabetes Alert Bracelet

  6. Melissa S

    I love the 3 stacked disc necklace. It is the right number for my children.

  7. DeAnna Keller

    I like the 2 tag personalized names necklace in sterling silver & bronze custom-made hand stamped jewelry by aka originals

  8. Ashley c

    I love the custom home state cuff bracelet

  9. Dana

    I like the first mother’s necklace

  10. Christina B.

    I love the Personalized Stacked Skinny Ring. The Inspiration Bracelet it really cute too.

  11. Edye

    I love the custom home state cuff bracelet.

  12. Elizabeth

    I really like the custom thumbprint heart necklace with set of two actual thumbprints | sterling silver etched jewelry with birthstone…so pretty!!

  13. Jenny S

    The Thumbprint Heart necklace is awesome!

  14. Amber Ludwig

    I love this cluster charm necklace!! http://www.akaoriginals.com/collections/necklaces/products/cluster-necklace-with-4-personalized-pendants

  15. charlene

    I like the 2 tag personalized names necklace

  16. Dianna

    Love the personalized stacked skinny ring in sterling silver – I keep thinking that I need to get a set like this.

  17. Sara Theissen

    I love the “You Are My Happy Place” necklace!

  18. nickie

    I like the first mother’s necklace

  19. Shannon

    I love the personalized stacked skinny ring in sterling silver.

  20. aaron reck

    Mom would really like the Personalized Photo Necklace with the charm.

  21. Chelsea M

    I love the winnie the pooh quote necklace with date or initials. It’s something I can definitely see myself buying

  22. Paol Trenny

    I like the wedding date necklace with engagement ring charm | personalized hand stamped wedding jewelry.

  23. Richard Hicks

    I kind of like the mens you’re my favorite superhero necklace in sterling silver with custom name pendant | personalized daddy necklace

  24. Michelle Ward

    My favorite item is the inspiration bracelet.

  25. margaret peg m.

    Wow, I’d love to have the ‘grandmothers charm bracelet’. An initial for each grandchild and you can add more when you need to!

  26. Katie R

    My favorite is the 2 tag personalized names necklace in sterling silver & bronze | custom-made hand stamped jewelry by aka originals

  27. Nicole Sender

    I like the inspiration bracelet in sterling silver with your choice of word | women’s silver cuff bracelet.

  28. Sara schwab

    I like friends are angel necklace I like

  29. Andrea Darst

    I love the 2 tag & disc name necklace in nu gold | custom bar necklace!

  30. ken ohl

    I love the friends are angel necklace. thankyou, ken

  31. Alona Y

    I really like the Custom Thumbprint Heart Necklace with Set of Two Actual Thumbprints!

  32. Heather B

    I really like the i love you to the moon and back stacked mixed metal necklace | hand stamped mom jewelry with moon charm.

  33. Elizabeth J.

    I love the two tag personalized necklace. But I also love the name bar necklace.

  34. Barbara

    I loved so many of the necklaces but I’d really love to get the Custom Grandma Necklace with the Tree of Life Charm. I know she’d love it.

  35. paige chandler

    I love Always in My heart pet locket necklace. woof

  36. Tina W

    I like the personalized stacked skinny ring in sterling silver. Would be a great gift for moms or grandmas

  37. Julie Smith

    The Inspiration bracelet is my favorite 🙂

  38. Jill Rivera

    Personalized sterling silver stacked skinny ring | customize ring with names, dates, quotes is the piece I like.

  39. Isabel Whited

    I would love to have the custom thumb print necklace with mine and my son’s thumb print.

  40. kassie slotty

    i like the thumb print necklace!!

  41. Sarah Oswald

    I would love to own the 3 Name Stacked Mommy Necklace with Birthstones | Personalized Hand Stamped Mom Necklace

  42. Terra Heck

    I like the Personalized Football Mom Necklace with Name & Jersey Number. Thanks.

  43. Amanda P

    I love the you are my happy place sterling silver necklace! It is so cute and special 🙂

  44. courtney hennagir

    The “you are my happy place” necklace is my fave!

  45. Cheryl B

    I love the two tag personalized necklace.

  46. robyn donnelly

    I liked the silver rings because I love silver.

  47. Sherry Compton

    I like the personalized stacked skinny ring in sterling silver | customize ring with inspirational words for my daughter.

  48. linda w.

    I like the washer necklace with children’s names and birthstones.

  49. Heather G

    My favorites are the “1 Name or Date Personalized Necklace | Sterling Silver Hand Stamped Jewelry” or the “Gold Bar or Silver Bar Custom Word or Name Necklace | Horizontal Gold or Sterling Silver Tag on Fine Cable Chain”.

  50. Aubrey

    My favorite jewelry piece is the name or date personalized necklace.

  51. Laura

    I love the first mother’s necklace. Cute!

  52. amy pugmire

    I like the custom word inspiration bracelet in sterling silver | one word silver cuff bracelet

  53. richelle bowers

    2 Tag Personalized Necklace | Sterling Silver Name Necklace | Custom-Made Jewelry

  54. Judy Cox

    I really love the personalized gold cuff!!!

  55. Adriana saucedo

    I really like the custom feet necklace with actual baby feet.

  56. Laurie Nykaza

    3 name necklace in sterling silver with swarovski crystal birthstones | custom mommy necklace with names & design stamps is so pretty love this one.

  57. Jessica Cox

    I really love the personalized baby feet bracelet with real baby footprints | etched sterling silver jewelry for new mom

  58. Tracy Webb

    Friends are angels necklace.

  59. Melissa O

    My favorite is a heart pendant my son bought me that he had engraved when he was just 4 I treasure it to this day.

  60. E. Diane Macauley

    I like rings, especially stacking rings. The skinny personalized silver stacking ring(s) definitely appeal to me!

  61. Sue E

    I really LOVE this Custom Thumbprint Heart Necklace with Set of Two Actual Thumbprints/ Sterling Silver Etched Jewelry with Birthstone! It is beautiful and so unique!

  62. Jeanna Massman

    I love the New Mommy Necklace. It would make such a nice gift.

  63. Carol

    I like the custom home state cuff bracelet.

  64. Jan Lee

    I like the personalized sterling silver stacked skinny ring | customize ring with names, dates, quotes 🙂

  65. Robin Abrams

    I like the friends are angels necklace | sterling silver angel wing charm | hand stamped jewelry | a.k.a. originals

  66. susan smoaks

    i like the personalized baby feet bracelet with two sets of baby footprints | custom etched sterling silver jewelry

  67. Marnie G

    I really like the create your own custom inspiration bracelet in black leather.

  68. Kathy Davis

    I would love to have the 2 tag personalized necklace | sterling silver name necklace. I would ask for my children’s names on the tags.

  69. Michelle Castagne

    I like the Friends Are Angels necklace.

  70. crystal gibson

    The custom thumbprint necklace is so great. This would make a wonderful gift.

  71. laura g

    I like the Personalized Sterling Silver Stacked Skinny Ring. It would make a lovely thumb ring.

  72. Jerry Marquardt

    I like the Women’s Silver Cuff Bracelet the most of all of the collection at the AKA website.

  73. bluecat731

    I like the I heart (state) keychain. I collect them and would love to add it to my collection.

  74. shawna

    I like the 2 Washer Necklace with 2 Children’s Names & Birthstones

  75. Trisha McKee

    I also love the You are My Happy Place sterling silver necklace. Beautiful sentiment!

  76. autumn b

    i love the personalized stack rings

  77. Maren

    The state cuff bracelet is cute.

  78. Shakeia Rieux

    I really like the First Mother’s Necklace New Mommy Necklace Personalized Name and Birthdate with Baby Feet Hand Stamped Jewelry

  79. Kristi C

    My favorite is the custom coordinates bracelet latitude & longitude in sterling silver.

  80. Robin Creager

    The one that caught my eye was the 2 tag personalized names necklace in sterling silver & bronze. This wouldbe perfect with my 2 son’s names.

  81. Laurie Emerson

    I love the customized Quote or Words Sterling Silver Ring.

  82. Jaime Cummings

    I Love You to the Moon & Back Sterling Silver Necklace is beautiful!

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