AmazaPen Gel Pen Review

AmazaPen gel pens are great for adult coloring books.

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20 sparkly colors – 1mm tip with a soft rubber grip. These are non toxic and acid free. The fact they are acid free makes them perfect for art projects (such as scrapbooking) or relaxing with an adult coloring book!

These gel pens have 150% extra ink than most other pens. Others contain 0.27g or 0.33g of ink per pen, they have increased the size of the inner tube and filled it with 0.68g of ink. The Amazapens should last longer than others on the market.

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What makes the Amazapen Gel pens unique?

Adult coloring is very popular right now. I personally have a small collection of coloring books and art supplies to color with.

The Amazapen gel pens come in a reusable plastic case. You can store your pens in there so you can always find them. It’s also a great way to travel with your pens if you are going on vacation or somewhere and want your coloring stuff with you.

I personally would love to sit out in the middle of nowhere, listen to nature and just color life’s stress away.

Gel pens are my favorite coloring tool to use. I’ve always loved gel pens. These are by far my favorite. Not only do they have more ink than most, they are super comfortable in my hand. I have arthritis in my hands and did not experience any discomfort or cramping. The pens have a rubber barrel for coloring comfort.

Another thing I love is that they start to write immediately. There is no scribbling or shaking like with other pens to get the ink to flow. The metallic is also great and really brightens up the page. Although these are metallic, the ink dries very quickly. This is a good thing because I position my hand on my coloring design most of the time and end up with gel ink on my hand.

Coloring is beneficial for adults, not just children, that is why it’s currently so popular. Coloring has been proven to help you de-stress, relax for sleep, sparks creativity, and let’s you connect with your inner child.

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