What does anxiety look like?

Anxiety is a well know term in our society. You may suffer from it, or know someone that does. Anxiety is actually unfortunately considered a mental health disorder.


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Anxiety disorder is something you suffer from everyday. It’s not just one event (car payment, unexpected bill comes up). Anxiety disorder can actually be crippling to your life in a way. Oh you may be able to get up, shower, dress for the day but do you really function? Do you really succeed in life?

Anxiety and Depression go hand in hand a lot of the time. Some people can’t do the above mentioned: get out of bed, shower daily, get dressed etc. If you know someone that this sounds like PLEASE seek help for them. Anxiety/Depression does not have to cripple your life.

I personally suffer from both. Let me tell you it’s a roller coaster of emotions everyday. There are days that all I want to do is sleep or work on my blog. There are days where the only household chores I get done in a day are doing the dishes and making dinner.

There is so much more in life I want to achieve. I have goals in mind for myself but I let my negativity and depression hold me back. I constantly think what if I fail? On the flip side to that is but, what if I succeed?

My fear of failure stops me from things I want to try. This cripples my life. I am seeing a professional to help with tips to overcome these feelings. However a professional can not do the work for you. There is no magic pill or magic saying that will instantly get you to believe in yourself. It’s hard work. It may take years not days or months. Start with baby steps. We first had to learn to crawl, walk before we ran.

These are the things I plan to start doing immediately for myself:

  • Make a daily to do list:

I will make a list of things I want to accomplish that day. Some personal, some household, some blog related. The goal is to add AT LEAST one hard thing on the list. If the list is too easy how will you ever overcome anything?

  • Do something you enjoy.

What do you enjoy? Is it reading, gardening? Just do something you enjoy and take time for yourself. It’s ok to take a break and just “BE”.

  • Seek the help of a professional. Sometimes medication is needed. I’m not saying DON’T take them. I’m simply saying don’t have the mind set of “I’ll take this pill and I’ll be all better”. Another professional is a therapist. They are trained to talk to you about your feelings. They can give you tips and guidance to help you move forward.
  • Seek out a friend. A true friend that will listen to you but will NOT hold your hand and give into your pity party. Think about it, do you want to listen to someone like that everyday? I do this constantly and *I* don’t even want to listen to it. This friend should be one that when you call up and say “Having a bad day, I need to go out” they are there to go out with you to do whatever it is to change your train of thought.

Of course there are way more tips and tricks to dealing with anxiety/depression. Maybe this will help you or a friend. If you have other tips to share that have helped you or a friend please feel free to share them. We can all benefit from them I’m sure.


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  1. I am on anxiety meds for the first time in my life and am 67. I have a grandson who lives with us and now his fiance and her two children have moved in. Her 2 year old son has developmental issues and cannot communicate which frustrates him. He cries and screams from the time he wakes until he goes to sleep. Makes me a nervous wreck.

  2. Thank you for sharing! It’s good to know we’re not alone in this battle. I’ve tried medications as well as natural rememdies. But, I know medication only helps with balancing chemicals in your brain, and you need to come up with ways to cope with depression and anxiety once you no longer need medication. I also battle with the same fears of success and failure. I’ve never liked drawing much attention to myself which makes me nervous about being successful but, I feel terrible when I feel like I’m failing at life. However, I know I can’t let my anxiety and depression get in the way of following my dreams.

  3. Jen Whitten says:

    Such overlooked and misunderstood topics these days. But so real! And no respective of persons! Thanks for this post!

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