Back to School Guide 2016

Back To School Guide

We all know it’s tough shopping for school supplies. Did teachers really include everything on the list? Usually not, there’s always some last minute things. Also, there’s a bunch of different brands you can buy. Do you know the quality of the backpack you just bought? How about that binder? Will you be replacing it in a few months? Let’s skip all the wondering. Below is a list of all the school supplies we KNOW you’ll need. Not only that, but we have reviewed some of our absolute favorite brands, and some new ones, just for back to school!

If you are a company that sells school supplies and would like to be featured on this Back to School guide please contact us! Taryn is working on grades K-8 and can be emailed at Taryn.Ginaslibrary(at)gmail(dot)com. Gina’s working on 9-12 and college! Yes, even college students are included in our back to school guide, and they need much different supplies! Email Gina at

crayola thumbnail
Crayola Products
laptop bag thumbLaptop Backpack Veggies pack thumbnailsprout World Pencils
masterlock thumbnailMasterLock Backpack Lock


post-it review

Wildkin BackPacks


Zebra Pens


See Kai Run Shoes

shopletShoplet & 3M office Supplies

Best Choice Products Desk

netgearNetgear Wifi Extender Back To School Guide Thumbnail

Extra Large Dry Ease Calendar

school zone workbooks School Zone Workbooks Back To School Guide Thumbnail
Product Name
Back To School Guide Thumbnail
Product Name
Back To School Guide Thumbnail
Product Name




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