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Have you been staring at that back to school list and feeling overwhelmed? We have a back to school guide to help you out! Did you notice Post-it Notes are on some of those lists? I never had a list like they do now, it’s more complicated. However, Post-it Notes make a lot of sense to me. I would have LOVED to have these on my school supplies review

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I love Post-it products. I always have. The Post-it Brand has expanded into note-style with lines, various colors, and sizes. They are even coming out with some cool Post-it Pop-up Note Dispensers, like a camera. They’ve gotten into Post-it Dry Erase Surface Sheets too! Post-it Brand  by 3M, sent me a nice little bundle to review. I couldn’t believe they sent the Dry Erase Surface Sheet. This is interesting because it sticks straight onto a surface. Now, I haven’t decided whether to put this on my daughter’s wall, her small table, or her door.

However, I’m considering the door. I think it’s a great tool for back-to-school because you can help remind your children when reports and projects are due. You can also write down words of inspiration and other things on the board.

How would I use my Post-it Notes for Back to School?

Post-it Notes are good for booking marking important pages in books. I used to do this all the time. They’re also good for writing notes while a teacher is talking, and sticking it under the paragraph it relates to. The longer lined-notes are good for lists and everything else. I love the various sizes as they can fit in all size books and all sorts of books. The stickiness doesn’t ruin pages or fade the words either. Post-it Notes are the ultimate study tool in my mind. You can transfer notes over later and expand, but they are the best at marking and jotting down your thoughts.

In short, regardless of whether or not Post-it Products are on your child’s back-to-school list, they should be included in their school supplies. Post-it Notes are essential study tools.

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  1. I am addicted to post its lol have them everywhere cause my memory isnt so good.

  2. Lisa Garland says:

    You can never have enough post it’s! I go through them so fast. My daughter always wants them for school, usually the pink ones.

  3. I use post-its for everything. We have so many of them around the house!

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