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Do you read on the go? Bag a book makes that easier to do.

About Bag a Book:

Susan Doha, Bagabooks designer and self-confessed book addict, was first inspired to create a bespoke bag for her daily read whilst commuting into the city of London.  Susan quotes 

“I found changing stations a struggle. Getting my book in and out of my handbag left my valuables exposed and vulnerable to loss, or theft. I wanted a book cover that was the perfect reading companion, secure but with ease it could flip open and closed at my journey’s end, keeping my page marked and protecting my reading privacy. It would also have to be easy to hold and allow my travel pass to be scanned at the barriers, or travel ticket to removed easily.  So, one evening I came home from work determined to try out my idea. I threaded a needle and sewed the first prototype by hand.”

Developing Bagabook further I added convenient features like a snap-shut magnetic clasp, pen holder and, most importantly, it has a specially designed insert to allow different size books to be carried. Since its launch we have enhanced the design by adding a zipped back pocket to hold mobile/cell phone, cash and small personal belongings. This allows the reader to travel at ease, keeping everything they need close at hand. Bibles and other religious books are also kept protected and pristine by never having to be removed from their cover in order to be used. 

The Bagabook collection features a variety of material finishes for both the traditional and e-book ranges. It is designed to suit all ages, genders, tastes and budgets. With two Bagabooks under license one featuring a wonderful 17th century ‘World Map’ reproduced from British Library archives and a ‘Tracy Beaker’ complete with signed footnote from the world renowned children’s author Jacqueline Wilson.

bagabookProduct Description:

Be a Diva with our bold and beautiful candy coloured  bubblegum pink & tangelo orange canvas book bag. Keep your favourite read, notepad, diary, bible, calendar or organizer under wraps in the style it deserves. Stripes are always a hit with the ladies, so bring out the tiger in you and accessorize with our matching sets, be the talk of the town or turn heads on any vacation.

  • Unique Inner Support to fit a variety of book sizes of paperback and hardback, also diaries and note pads Travelcard and ticket slot
  • Hand strap
  • Integrated bookmark
  • Pen holder/Magnetic clasp
  • Concealed zipped pocket ideal for mobile phones and valuables
  • Retail $44.95

Measures: 17.5 cm (6.9″) L x 22 cm (8.7″) W x up to 6 cm (2.4″) depth depending on thickness of book.

My Review:

I’m an avid reader. I carry either my e reader or book with me at all times. There are times I sit on a bench at the store after shopping while whoever I’m with checks out. This bag a book allows me to be able to read any book I want without anyone knowing the title. I’ll admit sometimes I enjoy reading a trashy romance novel. 

The bag a book not only allows you to keep your reading preference private, it also protects your book when it’s in your purse or bag. I love that is has compartments for your credit cards, and cash. There is also a spot for you to keep a notepad and pen in case you are the type that takes notes while reading. 

They also sell cases for Kindles and iPads

During the month of January the company is running a giveaway. Here is the link to it.

Bag a Book was generous enough to offer my readers a 20% off discount code at checkout. Use the code GL20.

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