Bauli Authentic Italian Cakes

Bauli authentic Italian cakes makes it easy to make delicious homemade desserts.

Bauli authentic Italian Cakes

I have a big sweet tooth and I love cake. These authentic Italian cakes from Bauli make it very easy to make a fun delicious dessert in minutes. I received two different varieties to try: Mini Il Pandoro Di Verona and Mini II Panettone in Milano. 

Mini II Pandoro Di Verona is a butter and vanilla sponge cake. It’s perfect for using as a base for a delicate dessert. Strawberry shortcake comes to my mind. I can’t wait for Strawberries to come back in season.  

Mini II Panettone in Milano dates back 500 years. This is a time honored raisin loaf type cake. This particular cake reminds me of raisin bread toast. I think this is perfect to make a fancy french toast with. 

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You can find all kinds of recipes for their authentic Italian cakes on their website. 

The Bauli companies uses high quality, wholesome, simple, genuine ingredients. Respect for traditions and ancient recipes have always been at the heart of Bauli. Their cakes have no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors, and no genetically genetically modified ingredients.

Strict quality controls are carried throughout Bauli’s entire production chain, from raw materials to the finished products. Bauli has achieved a Certificate of Excellence, due to its commitment to the highest quality, environmental and work safety standards. Bauli creations follow the production guidelines of the AIDEPI (Italian Confectionery and Pasta Industry Association). 

Ruggero began as a baker’s boy in Verona in 1922, learning traditional Italian and Habsburg baking techniques and recipes. He left Verona on the Princess Mafalda steamship to bring his craft beyond Italy and seek his fortune in America in 1927, returning home 10 years later.

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