Beam ‘n Read Reading Light Review

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Beam n Read lights up personal space anywhere. It’s worn around the neck and provides hands-free light for tasks like hand quilting, knitting, reading, camping, changing diapers, and for walking in dim or dark places.

Beam n Read


Beam n Read lights up personal space anywhere. It’s worn around the neck and provides hands-free light for tasks like hand quilting, knitting, reading, camping, changing diapers, and for walking in dim or dark places. It’s the only portable, personal light that supports snap-on Relaxation Filters to block eye-stressing blue light. With a wider and brighter light and longer battery runtime than clip on book lights, it works with all books and eReaders plus newspapers, loose documents, and even a handwritten letter from mom.

It’s an excellent Kindle Reading Light. Easy portability is great for students. The extra bright light is helpful for seniors while the hands-free design also makes it practical for those using walkers or wheelchairs. The extra long battery life makes Beam n Read a very useful emergency light during a power outage and results in a lower cost to operate. It’s perfect as a travel light.

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Beam ‘n Read is the perfect book light! It comes in 2 different sizes.

If you send any amount of time on my blog you will notice that I’m a big reader. A book is never far from my side. I read on my kindle fire more than anything else, I do read print books from time to time. I always struggle with proper lighting when I do. My husband and I have very different sleep schedules. I like to read at night to relax and unwind. Reading in bed is a struggle because a light would keep him awake if I was reading a print book.

This is no longer an issue! The 3 LED light book light is perfect for reading late into the night while he snores away besides me. The 6 LED light is perfect for doing crafts of any kind. It’s also great for things like sewing. Ever try to thread that itty bitty eye needle and can’t see what you are doing? This light is perfect.

A unique feature to this light is not just the neck strap. There are 2 filters red and orange that to block the blue wavelengths. This will make it so you can drift off to sleep sooner when reading. It’s also small enough to fit in your purse or backpack. It’s great to use at night for personal safety as well.

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  1. I light the size , just enough light to read by without lighting up the whole room.
    Barbara Riffe recently posted…Beam ‘n Read Reading Light ReviewMy Profile

  2. I guess our bedtime schedules are not unique!! My husband has always had no trouble falling asleep! Where I never know if I’m going to fall right asleep or look at the ceiling for hours until I do! I too love to read before going to sleep! As a matter of fact, it helps me to drift to sleep naturally! I don’t want a light to bother him either! This light would be perfect!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I like that it has 2 filters red and orange to block the blue wavelengths.

  4. I love that it has convenient size that I can wear around my neck!
    Thank You for the chance

  5. Cheryll Shubert says:

    This is very cool!! I love the filters on it…makes it so much easier to fall asleep! I have a really hard time going to bed and my husband has to be up at 5am so I drive him a little crazy. This would be a big help! It’s a great size too! It’s pretty perfect! Thanks so much for the chance!! Xo

  6. I love that it’s hand’s free.

  7. Elaine Lund says:

    I like how it’s worn around your neck and not your head.

  8. Theresa D says:

    I love that I could use it hands free to see when doing paper crafts. I craft in my basement with no natural light so this would really help.

  9. Sheila K. says:

    I love that it is hands-free and that it can be used for so many purposes!

  10. Patricia Shea-Samul says:


  11. I like that it’s hand-free and has a longer battery runtime.

  12. Lori Thomas says:

    L like thats its hands free and can be used anywhere

  13. Michelle Proper says:

    I love the extended battery life the most! This sure would come in handy!

  14. deana dietrich says:

    Love it can be used without hands!

  15. I imagine it would be a pain wearing it around my neck as I lay there reading. Sliding all over the place, never pointing at the book.

    I am curious enough to see if it would work well, I may just get one to find out. (If I don’t win one that is.)

  16. I love that it’s hands free!

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