Bed Frame Feet Review

Bed Frame Feet by Suedys Place replace bed frame wheels with non-slip glide feet that work.

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Bed Frame Feet by Suedys Place are a great way to replace the metal legs of your bed. This is perfect if you have hard wood floors. Traditional wheels on bed frame legs can scratch and damage your floors. Not to mention these make your bed more stationary.

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What makes the Bed Frame Feet so great?

These bed frame feet were very easy to install. It made my old bed more stable as well. I’m embarrassed to say how old my bed is and the frame is showing its age.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve kicked the bracket of the legs on my frame. While these bed frame feet won’t stop me from being a clutz and kicking them, I won’t get as injured now.

These bed frame feet are made out of plastic and are only 1.1 pounds. They are also 9.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches. Although they are made of plastic not metal, they are strong enough to hold up your bed and your body weight.

I noticed my bed stays in place better now since it’s not on wheels and the frame doesn’t make as much noise as I move around. I’m a restless sleeper, I move all over the place. This is also good for those intimate moments when your bed is quieter.

I have a bad ankle and noticed it is now easier to get into my bed. These feet give it a little bit more height and that makes it easier to get into my bed. I also have a tad bit more storage height under it.

At only $11.99 this is a great deal to protect your hard wood floors. Even if you have carpet these are a great thing to have.

These feet fit onto most popular bed frames. I even tried them without a frame on the bed. I don’t recommend this though, the box springs and mattress didn’t stay on them at all.

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