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Big Red Rooster Projection Alarm Clock Review

Big Red Rooster has several engaging projection alarm clocks. They use the ceiling to entice good mornings and nights. I reviewed the Dinosaur alarm clock.

big rooster

Big Red Rooster founder Brian Johnson explains, “our mission is to create innovative products that help people fall asleep or get out of bed in the morning. The three animal clocks are ready to become bedside buddies as kids choose the best companion – dog, cat or dino – to be their first alarm clock.”

If a green toothy dinosaur is a house favorite, then get ready for some prehistoric lessons. The Dinosaur clock projects four scenes including a Diabloceratops, Stegosaurus and an Ampelosaurus. There’s an optional timer for the projection time and images can be set at 10 or 30 minutes.

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Projection clocks are so much fun.

In the past the original rocket ship projection clock was featured on the blog. This time around I chose the Dinosaur projection clock. My nephew will love this for Christmas if I can talk myself into parting with it. It’s just so cute!

I love that the alarm clock projects the time on the ceiling. I sometimes struggle to see the time on my clock. Another added bonus is that you can set it for 10 or 30 minutes if you wish. We all know that children should read independently everyday along with reading with the family. When you tuck your child into bed, they can relax and unwind and read. When the projection imagine is off the ceiling, it is now time to go to bed.

It’s also easier to fall asleep when you are staring at something other than the wall. I’m sure you have fallen asleep while watching television or reading a book. The alarm clock projection can do the same thing in helping your child fall asleep.

This would make a fun and unique gift for a birthday or the upcoming holidays.

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  1. Ellie Wright

    I would love the dog for my granddaughter.

  2. Renee Walters

    I would love the dinosaur for my son!

  3. Margaret Smith

    The dog is my favorite. These are so wonderful for kids to learn about time.

  4. gala

    I’d get a dog alarm clock for my daughter

  5. Jack B

    I’d love to win the dinosaur clock for my son.

  6. Coltrain

    The rocket.

  7. Darcy Koch

    The dinosaur caught my eye.

  8. Cindy Peterson

    The rocket alarm. I hope it rockets the family out of bed in the morning.

  9. Meghan

    Definitely the Rocket!

  10. christina moore

    We are big cat lovers, i would chose the cat

  11. Stacie H

    The dog is my favorite. 🙂

  12. Mary Cloud

    I’d like to win the Dog clock – it’s cute

  13. nickie

    I would like the rocket

  14. Kelly D

    I would like the cat.

  15. Char

    This would be great for my sweet niece. Thank you so much for the great offer 🙂

  16. Kristi C

    I would like the rocket ship for my son.

  17. Kristin McCall

    I would love to win the dinosaur. It is so cute.

  18. Marty Crosson

    The dog! Or the rocket! Or the cat! I can’t even choose; my daughter would love them all.

  19. Justin Sparks

    Definitely would like the dog one for sure!!!

  20. Benjamin Hilton

    Dinosaur. Because dinosaur.

  21. kathy

    We like the rocket ship

  22. Melvin Golden

    My Grandsons would love the Dinosaur. They would flip.Thanks for the chance.

  23. Katie Wilson

    My daughter would love the cat clock!

  24. wendi

    I love the cat!!! we have a fat cat that we love so much!!

  25. brittany doerfler

    I would love to win the Dog projection alarm clock

  26. Wendy Caddy

    I’d choose the Rocket.

  27. Sue E

    The dinosaur would be awesome for my grandson!! Of course, my granddaughter would like this also!

  28. Wendy R.

    We would choose the dog!! The dino is also cute. 🙂

  29. Valerie Schlicht-Conway

    My girls and I would love the Cat! Thank you!

  30. Fiona N

    I love the Rocket Ship Projection Alarm Clock
    Thank You

  31. Kayte CookWatts

    My niece loves kitties so that would be fun to give her.

  32. jules m.

    i want the doggie one for my lil niece!

  33. Monique Rizzo

    I would love the cat for my daughter. Thank you for the giveaway.

  34. Birdie Skolfield

    Id choose the rocket

  35. Kathy Hanley

    The dinosaur is my favorite!

  36. Audrey Stewart

    I would love the cat clock. I have an orange cat.

  37. Audrey Stewart

    I would love the cat clock. I have an orange cat. This is not a duplicate comment.

  38. Laurajj

    Oh I would love to win the rocket for our little one! Would be so helpful for him to start getting used to waking up to an alarm for school. These are so cute!

  39. Darlene Carbajal

    I like the rocket!

  40. Shawn Stover


  41. Wendy McBride

    My favorite is the dog for my granddaughter!

  42. Peggy Rydzewski

    I would pick the rocket for my grandson

  43. Debbie Welchert

    My grandson would love the rocket clock.

  44. Heather D

    I’d like to win the cat. My girls love cats so everyone would love it.

  45. Mary Somerville

    My boys would love the Rocket Ship clock.

  46. Katie Bellamy

    My son would love the dinosaur, my daughter would love the cat! 🙂

  47. Jamie Williams

    I would love to win the dog alarm clock for my daughter.

  48. Brittney House

    I would love the dinosaur the most.

  49. fran

    The dog and cat are both adorable

  50. Alison King

    I’d love to win the Dinosaur. It’s adorable.

  51. Karen Smith

    I’d love the dog for my son

  52. Laurie Nykaza

    The dino is so cute my kids would love having it in their bedroom

  53. Grant D

    I would love to win the dinosaur!

  54. robert shook

    My daughter would love the cat!

  55. Michelle Hill

    I would love the cat!

  56. Michelle Parker

    I would love to win the cat. Thank you for the giveaway.

  57. barbg

    I like the rocket one the most. I wish they actually had a rooster one I would like that. It could make the rooser noise like down on the farm.

  58. KV

    I like the dinosaur.

  59. tiffany dayton

    I like the cat.

  60. cynthia brooks

    I like the cat for my 8 and 7 yr old.

  61. judy sizemore

    love the dog

  62. betty league

    Dog Projection Alarm Clock – is really cute and would make a perfect gift this Christmas! thanks

  63. Barbara Riffe

    The dog would be perfect for my little one.
    Barbara Riffe recently posted…Lights Out Book ReviewMy Profile

  64. Erica B.

    I would choose the dog.

  65. Dawn S.

    As cute as the dinosaur is, I would choose the dog!

  66. Sarah Cool

    I would love the Dinosaur clock!

  67. Lorri K

    I love the rocket ship. The silver and red color is very cute.

  68. MaryAnn

    I would like to win the Dinosaur projector

  69. Danielle

    I love the Cat Projection Alarm Clock

  70. jaimeb

    I would choose the dinosaur projector alarm clock. My son would love it.

  71. Kim Cowgar

    I’d love to win the Rocket projection alarm clock. Great classic design!

  72. susan smoaks

    i would like to get the dog.

  73. Sam

    The rocket is my favorite.

  74. Lula Ruger

    I like the Dinosaur Projection Alarm Clock

  75. Elizabeth H.

    I would love the dinosaur.

  76. Jill Myrick

    I would love to win the dinosaur projection clock for my son.


  77. Laurie Emerson

    I would love the rocket for my son.

  78. Shirley Hicks

    my son would love the rocket

  79. Lesley F

    I like the dog alarm

  80. Peggy Johnson

    I would choose the dog light

  81. PATTI M

    I would like to win the rocket for my grandnephew.

  82. Danielle bell


  83. Paula Hafner

    I would like the dog if I won.

  84. Melissa Cunningham

    I’d like the kitty if I won!

  85. Yvonne Delgado

    the Rocket Ship. that would be my boys choice

  86. Kristen Patton

    I love the dinosaur!

  87. Terry Bellender

    Gotta be the dinsoaur for me because my grandson adores dinosaurs!

  88. Candie L

    I like the Dog one. Thank you

  89. Priscilla P.

    My Grandson would love the rocket. I think all school age children should have their own alarm clock. I think it teaches responsibility.

  90. Amy Deeter

    A projection clock that i would like to win is the cat one

  91. Summer I.

    I would like to win the Dinosaur one.

  92. Summer I.

    I would like the Dinosaur one.

  93. Kim Naumann

    Tough choice but the dog would be my first choice.

  94. Holly Wright

    I would love the cat it’s so cute.

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