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Bikini Babe Tea helps you detox your body.

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Bikini Babe Tea makes it easy to use detox tea. The principle of a tea detox is to simply heal the body through cleansing, using all natural antioxidant rich ingredients. 

Bikini Babe Tea

Bikini Babe Tea is blended with all-natural ingredients where each ingredient is specially sourced and selected for its unique properties. They have turned to leading herbalists in Australia to formulate our unique blend of natural ingredients. Their tea leaves remain un-spoilt and uncut to ensure the quality and integrity of the tea leaves aren’t compromised. When you open your Bikini Babe Tea package, you will smell the freshness and quality of our tea leaves.

Bikini Babe Tea is the first detox tea I’ve tried.

I’m slowly trying to be healthier. I walk more, try to use all natural alternatives to over the counter medications, etc. If I could only make better food choices. *sigh* Baby steps, baby steps.

I’ve heard that detoxing, in general, is good for you. I was excited to have the opportunity to review this detoxing tea from Bikini Babe.

You get two different teas when you place your order. One for the morning and one for night time.

Step 1: Your Morning Boost

Drink one cup every morning. A special formulation of Guarana, Green Tea, Lemon Myrtle and Nettle leaves to reduce bloating, suppress appetite and fuel weight loss.

This calming tea can be used ongoing as a beautiful way to start the day, a natural cleanse, feeling lighter, calmer & the best version of you.

Step 2: Good night cleanse

Drink one cup every night. Works while you sleep. An exclusive night-time formulation of senna leaves, dandelion root, licorice root to purify and detox the body while promoting a good night sleep.

I love the smell of both of these, and they taste great as well. It’s a great way to wake up/or unwind while detoxing your body. When you detox your body, your body will feel it’s best.

What do you do to detox your body?

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