Blue Buffalo Wilderness Wild Rolls

Blue Buffalo Wilderness gives your dogs a real treat, by feeding them real food. Skip the preservatives, go all-natural. Feeding their animal instincts, and keeping it a balanced meal at the same time, Blue Buffalo Wilderness offers Wild Rolls.

blue buffalo wilderness wild rolls salmonThis is a  dog meat roll that can serve as a full-balanced meal or as a topper to your dog’s dry food. This is MORE than enough for one meal depending on your dog’s weight. It gets refrigerated after opening, but seems to preserve well within the fridge. I highly recommend a sliding bag for a guaranteed seal. Since this is a bit pricey, but worth the money, you may freeze the roll for a special treat. I find this a bit rough to mix with kibble because it’s a meat roll, it’s packed firmly. You will have to chop it up pretty good to make it a mix.

blue buffalo wilderness roll

How much of the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Wild Roll should I feed my dog?

The amount per serving is one inch per 10lbs, for a full meal. I got a 2.25 pound roll, which is about 9-10 inches long. This roll is good for three full meals for my dog or six with kibble. My dog really went to town on this as she chowed down happily. The Blue Buffalo Wilderness Wild Roll Salmon recipe contains: chicken broth, salmon, ocean fish, b12, biotin, d3, dried egg and many other ingredients that are essential for vitamins, protein and overall flavor. This is grain free making it easy to digest and also has no preservatives, no artificial flavoring or colors. No by-products are in the Blue Buffalo wild rolls. The wild rolls are available in Beef, Chicken, Duck or Salmon and can come in a one pound or 2.25 pound roll.

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Blue Buffalo Wilderness also sells dry dog food, wet canned dog food, and cat foods. I just realized, they have dog treats as well! Woo-hoo! Nothing, but the best ingredients for your furbaby! You can find them all on and with wide variety. sells the 2.25lb wild rolls at a good price. They are about a dollar or more cheaper than other competitors. If you get the autoship, you save a bit more. has a massive variety of products and I am sure you will love saving while shopping there!

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