Review: Bluetooth Headphones

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Bluetooth headphones are a great way to listen to music on the go.

bluetooth headphones

UltimateValueServices sells these Bluetooth Headphones on Amazon. Gina’s Library of Reviews is happy to bring you this review.

My Thoughts on the Bluetooth Headphones:

I love to listen to music and always use headphones. I use them for 2 different reasons:

1. I have partial hearing loss in my right ear.

2. My daughter likes the house quiet when doing school work and doesn’t like my music.

It can be difficult to do things around the house when I’m using traditional headphones. These Bluetooth headphones are amazing. I can now move around my apartment and get things done while listening to my music. I love this! The range is 15 meters. My apartment is small but they don’t work real well on the other end of my apartment where my bedroom is from the living room. You’ll notice when you start to go out of range because the music will fade in and out.

I can even sleep with these headphones. Music is my go to for relaxation since I have anxiety. I’ve found I fall asleep easier and into a deeper sleep when I listen to music. I have not noticed any irritation to wearing these headphones for hours at a time. After awhile I don’t even notice I’m wearing them.

There is a built in microphone that enables you to make/answer phone calls with these headphones. They are really your all purpose headphones. 

They are rechargeable with the enclosed micro USB cord. The cord that comes with them is very short, I have had no problems with them charging using a different longer cord.

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To learn more about this product or to purchase your own check them out on Amazon. Be sure to also check out the other items they sell.

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