Book Review: Eternal Dawn

Eternal Dawn

Author: Kathi Haacke Morehead

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Churchill publishing

Source: PBT

Format: EBook

Release date: November 26, 2015

Pages: 249

Buy Link: Amazon/Kathi Morehead


Kris and Jake Collins have the world by the tail: successful, happy lives, loving family, and a deep love that sustains them both. All of their dreams are coming true and there is nothing but blue skies on the horizon. When circumstances conspire to strip all that they’ve known from them, will they be strong enough to recognize the true meaning of love?

My Thoughts about Eternal Dawn:

White Night made me cry.  The sequel, Eternal Dawn, was a tearjerker.  Everything that happened in the story was something that could happen to me or anyone in the world.  It was so real and life like. At times it was especially heart wrenching because I am a mother of a baby boy, just like Kris. That being said, I really enjoyed the book.

From White Night we understand that we come to this life to learn specific lessons and we have our Soul to guide us. In Eternal Dawn we find out that we do not learn all the lessons we need to in one life time.  We have to come back to this life several times until we finally learn all of the lessons we need to. In Eternal Dawn we follow Jo and Max, a.k.a. Kris and Jake, as they learn one of life’s hardest lessons.

At the start of Eternal Dawn we see Jo’s parents and Max sending Jo off to her next life.  Max is to follow her and Jo’s parents want to make sure that he will help her through her life because it is going to be the toughest one yet.  Jo becomes Kris and Max becomes Jake, but their love for each other is just as strong as it was in White Night and maybe even stronger.  In the first few chapters, Kris has an accident and it is through the consequences of this accident that Kris has to learn a very hard lesson.

In White Night, Jo gets to look back at her life after she has died. But in Eternal Dawn, she gets to look forward to see what her life will be like  and based on that she has to make a decision that will not only affect her life but lives of her son and husband.  While reading the story I felt as if I were Jo because the difficulties that she was having were ones that I could have and I couldn’t imagine my life without my baby boy or husband. The ending is so perfect, as well.  It may not match my idea of heaven, but it is Jo and Max’s heaven.  The last few pages really make you smile, too.

I felt like Eternal Dawn opened my eyes a bit more.  I realized that sometimes I take things and people for granted and that I need to cherish these things more.  I also had my belief that everything happens for a reason reaffirmed. At the same time, my belief that we have free will and the ability to choose our path in life was strengthened as well.  I love that I can learn and grow from a work of fiction.  Both White Night and Eternal Dawn were inspiring and uplifting books.

I received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions in this review are 100% my own.

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