Book Review: The Rainy Day Killer by Michael J. McCann

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My Review:

This is a great non stop action book for any thriller, mystery genre lover. This book was non stop action from the very first page.

I love how the Glendale police officers worked together to solve this case. They didn’t even mind as much as I thought they would that the FBI was involved. Usually the locals don’t like the Feds coming and taking over after they did all the beginning leg work.

The Rainy Day Killer or RDK is one very twisted individual. His murders are done on rainy days and the victims are left raped and mutilated.

I would of liked to of found out who exactly the RDK was, not just a name. I found myself wanting to know why did what he did. What made him tick? What made him pick the victims he did? Why the towns that he chose? He moved around to a few different states.

This is book 4 of a series for two police officers Donaghue and Stainer. I have not read any of the other books. It’s safe to safe they can be read as a stand alone or the series. I will personally be looking for the other 3 books. I give this book the rating of 4 out of 5. That is only because of the questions I had about the RDK.

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  1. Thanks very much for your review, Gina. I hope you’ll enjoy the other books in the series if you have a chance to read them.

    Mike McCann

  2. Gina, thanks for the review! I’m glad Michael’s portrayal of the Rainy Day Killer sent shivers down your spine! 🙂

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