Book Review: Rewarding Redemption

Rewarding Redemption

Title: Rewarding Redemption

Author: Bonnie R. Paulson

Series: Redemption series book 5

Publisher: Captiva Publishing

Genre: Romance/Western

Pages: 142

Release Date: October 21, 2015

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Someone is going to get the treasure – but who’s going to lose their heart?

Jenny has memories of a happy childhood, of love and laughter. Then her mother’s death took everything away and created a monster in the man Jenny called dad. Her father turned out to be one of the worst outlaws Montana has ever seen. On the run for most of her life, Jenny comes full circle.

Now there’s a treasure to be found and sisters she didn’t know about to save.

And a man that’s hell-bent on getting to them all first.

Alone, Jenny can’t survive. She’s taken on too much with very little payoff and she’s been running for years.

Jason is suddenly there – the boy from her past, the good and bad. With so much at stake, she needs him more than she’ll admit. And Jason… well, Jason aches to have Jenny but he can’t turn away from the opportunity to save his name and hers.
With Jason, maybe, just maybe Jenny can find everything she’s been searching for.

My Thoughts:

This book is book 5 the last installment in the Redemption Series. I was eager to see how this series would end. The author was true to the theme of the other books in the series and did not rush through the storyline just because it was the last book. As a fan of this series I’m happy about that.

In all of the books one sister found love when they least expected it. This last book was no different and it was Jenny’s turn. The 4 sisters have been looking for Jenny for a long time. They finally found their missing sister.

Jenny was the key to finding the treasure their outlaw father hid. Jenny was forced to decide if she wanted to keep the treasure for herself or do the right thing for her new found family.

This was a quick read and I’m glad to see a great ending to a beloved series.

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