What Book would you like turned into a movie?



The theme of this week is –

What book or series of books would you like to be made into a movie or t.v. show?

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This is such a hard question to answer! I’ve read many great books that have really stayed with me long after I’ve read them. 

I’m going to answer this with 2 books instead of 1. So far this year I’ve read 13 books. Two of those books are on my “Must Read for 2014 List”. 

The first book is Scattered Links by M. Weidenbenner

Scattered Links

This book just touches your heart in so many ways! I couldn’t put it down when I was reading it. My heart broke for Oksana many times. I think it would be a great movie. You can see my review of the book here

The other book I’d love to see turned into a movie is The Harder I Fall by Jessica Gibson.

The Harder I Fall

There are many times while reading this book I did the ugly cry. Tears streaming down my face, eyes blurry can hardly see the words but I just kept reading. The story of Becca broke my heart many times. 

I think this book would be a great movie. It would be a great chick flick. You can read my review of this book here.

What book or book series would you love to be seen turned into a movie or tv show?

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  1. Tear-jerkers always make great movies!

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