Review: Book of Samuel by James Robinson Jr.

My Review:

This is a small quick book. It was only around 84 pages. Sometimes just because a book is small page wise, does not mean it’s not a full book. You think at first its only 84 pages, how can it be that good? There is a lot of action going on in those small amount of pages. The bonus is that you can read it in one sitting.

I can’t imagine being stuck at an airport for 8 hours. There isn’t much you can do to pass the time. I guess that’s when you start to think too much and secrets start to beg to be released. 

Have you ever had such a horrible day that has you questioning everything in your life? That is the type of day Samuel has had. He is left questioning everything he holds dear to him. 

This book was a good reminder not to take our family for granted. You have to work at the relationships. Not just with a spouse, but with your parents too as you get older. 

Family secrets have a way of coming out, no matter how much you want to keep them in. They also have a habit of coming out when you least expect it, or the most ideal place.  Samuel finds himself in the middle of 2 family drama issues. He is only directly involved in one of them. You really feel for Samuel.  

I love the writing style of this book. The story flows beautifully and I had to find out what happens next. This book did take place in an unusual place. When was the last time you read a book completely in an airport setting?  

I also love the cover. The cover made me really want to read this book as well. It portrays a loving couple.  I have the next installment of the Johnson Family Chronicles. I can’t wait to start on it.


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  1. I don’t usually read books in this genre but this sounds like one I might have to check out! 84 pages is an easy quick read 🙂

  2. not sure about this one – title was a bit misleading….

    • The main character is Samuel. When you read the book you understand more why it’s titled the way it. I can’t say without giving spoilers.

  3. Sounds interesting! Great Review!

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