Brass+Ink Product Review

Brass + Ink helps you label your belongings with a simple classic look. They sell luxury tags and labels.


Brass + ink is devoted to making the finest handcrafted labels for whatever your needs may be.  Add the perfect touch of charm to any typical household item with our modern french enameled tags.  With an ever growing selection, there is sure to be the perfect label for you.  If you don’t see a tag for your need, share with us, and we would be happy to create it for you with our customizable options. Each and every tag is created and made with love by a mother and 6 year old daughter team out of their kitchen in Gearhart Oregon.

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Why I love Brass + Ink:

Labels are not only a great way to stay organized, they are stylish and can add charm to your home and organization system. I like to use other canisters for my flour, sugar etc. It just looks nicer than the bag they come in from the store.

For my review I received two different labels. One is for the kitchen that says flour, the other is a raven. I used simple twine string I use for my crafts to adhere the flour label to the canister. The raven reminds me of the Edgar Allen Poe poem. My husband reads it to me a lot and will say “ever more”. The raven I turned into a necklace using the same twine.

Both are well constructed although they look fragile. They have good weight to them and look like they will last a long time. I want to get some more kitchen labels to label other things in my kitchen so that they all match.

I love that Brass + Ink is run by a mother/daughter company. It’s never too early to teach children the value of hard work and a how to make a dollar. These would make a great holiday gift as well.

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  1. Why not organize in style?? I love the antique look! I also love supporting small businesses like a mother & daughter team!! Thanks for the chance!!

  2. Austin Denman says:

    This was an awesome review 🙂

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