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Brinware is glass dishware for kids that is durable so you don’t have to worry about it breaking easily. It’s great for those trying to limit plastic in their homes.


Brinware adds a bit of grown-up glamour with beautiful scenes of a garden party or aquatic life printed onto the back of tempered glass dishes. Yes, glass! There’s no more fear of BPA, lead or phthalates. The tempered glass is cushioned from slips or falls with a colorful silicone sleeve. The results are enchanting and durable. Microwave, pop in the dishwasher and use as you would any tableware!

Moms seem to know the “dish” on everything when it comes to raising
kids. Teaching good manners, serving healthy foods and being kind to Mother Nature are lessons they strive to teach daily. Brinware is serving up an easy way to be eco-friendly at breakfast, lunch and dinner with pretty-as-a-picture dishes, mats and bibs. Picky eaters will scoop up every pea or macaroni to see the charming graphic hiding underneath.

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Brinware dishware is a great thing for parents.

As parents or family members with small children you know how it can be a hassle at times for them to eat. Some children eat better if they have cute dinnerware of their favorite characters, or in bright colors. Most of the time, those dishes are only available in plastic.

Brinware dishware is tempered glass and come with a silicone sleeve.

For the purpose of my review I received the 2 Pack- It’s a Hoot and School of Fish. The tempered glass dishes measure 7.5″ and each comes with removable silicone cover. Both are microwave and dishwasher safe.

These are perfect for my two year old niece that doesn’t always want to eat all of her food when it’s time to eat. It’s easy to play a game of uncovering the design on the dish instead of doing the countdown of how many more bites they need to take to be finished. You can simply say you are done when you uncover the tree, or the owl or any other design on the plate. Using this method they won’t realize how much they are really eating and the power struggle diminishes. This would make a great gift for any parent.

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    These look great! Would definitely come in handy around here 🙂

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