Product Review: Build A Bear Workshop

I received the following item(s) for in exchange for a fair and honest review. Although I received the item for review, the opinions stated are 100% my own.

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Everyone has heard of Build A Bear Workshop. Did you know you can also buy prebuilt stuffed friends? For this review I received Merry & Bright Clarice.


Who doesn’t love Clarice from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer? This is the first Build A Bear my family has owned. I don’t have a store near me. I am very happy with this stuffed friend. It came in the signature box and everything.  

This new stuffed friend is very well made. The colors of the clothing are bright and vibrant. This will make a great item to have on display every holiday season.

This is perfect for children of all ages, even adults.  My older daughter can’t wait to get her hands on this friend. She’s always wanted a Build A Bear Workshop stuffed friend.

Do you know the story behind how Build a Bear Workshop started? If not, here is the story:

Build A Bear has always understood the importance of friends. In fact, Build-A-Bear Workshop was born from an idea my friend Katie? who was 10 years old at the time ? and I had when we were out shopping for stuffed toys. When we couldn’t find the stuffed toy she wanted, she said, “These are so easy, we could make them.” She meant we could do a craft project, but what I heard was so much bigger.

You can read the full story of how the company founded here

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  1. Adrienne Gordon says:

    Snow White bear

  2. danielle lima says:

    Glistening Winter White Polar Bear

  3. Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony!

  4. I would love to get a Fluttershy My Little Pony plush (comes out on black friday!)

  5. The 15 in. lucky kitty!

  6. I’d love to make the 14 in cute caramel pup!


  7. my little pony pinkie pie

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  8. The 17 in. Snowy Sparkles Bunny is really cute.

  9. Holly Storm-Burge says:

    My daughter would love the Rainbow Dash My Little Pony.

  10. I would like to build the 16 in. Pengy the Penguin.

  11. WWF Red Panda

  12. wendy lee klenetsky says:

    CHEERFUL MONKEY is soooo cute! He’s my choice..

  13. Casey Everidge says:

    i like the 15in camo bear!

  14. Rebecca Graham says:

    I would build 17 in Wishes Santa.

  15. Elizabeth Owens says:

    I really like the Nose So Bright Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer®! He is so stinking cute!

  16. Maria Iemma says:

    I think my granddaughter would love to have Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer…she is so excited about Christmas!

  17. penny the penguin

  18. wendy rozema says:

    my favorite is the 15 in Clarice!

  19. I would make Rudolph !

  20. The German Shepherd Dog.

  21. I would love to have Bright Clarice

  22. 15 in. Merry Mouse
    looks cute

  23. Love the Clarice! I also like the red panda.

  24. beth shepherd says:

    my little pony pinkie pie

  25. Anastasia says:

    Awww I love the 15 in. Lucky Kitty 🙂 That’s what I’d pick 🙂

  26. richelle bowers says:

    17 in. Tropicolor Teddy

  27. Frosty the Snowman would be great for my grandson.

  28. maleficent m says:

    any of the flamingos

  29. Victoria Carlson says:

    I would want the stuffed lion!

  30. Kacee Nunez says:

    I like the Glistening Winter White Polar Bear

  31. Trevor Oestreich says:

    Fluttershy for my girlfriend when they get them in at the end of the month. 🙂

  32. Monique Rizzo says:

    I like Penny the Penguin.
    Thanks for the chance.

  33. Kyl Neusch says:

    7 in. Snowy Sparkles Bunny

  34. Justina Justice says:

    THe reindeer..

  35. Rudolph of course..just in time for holidays

  36. I love the 15 inch Bearyme Bear and I would dress her in a black and gold cheerleader outfit to go with the Saints player bear I bought last year.

  37. Oh we would love to get Carter the Nose So Bright Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer® for Christmas! So cute!

  38. rich morris says:

    i like the Midnight Teddy in Yoda Costume

  39. ed goldstein says:

    my little pony princess twilight

  40. Kris Garvey says:

    I’d let my son pick what he wanted as it’ll be his first Build-a-Bear – but I’d love a doggie one!

  41. Mary Mudd says:

    I would want to make Rudolph! She thinks Im cute! Love it haha

  42. Loving the Twirls of Fun Snowy Sparkles Bunny

  43. tina reynolds says:

    I would like to make the german shephard for my son and smurfette for my daughter

  44. i would build the pirate bear.

  45. Asimina Kaminis says:

    It’s a toss up between claurice and my little ponies my daughter loves both!

  46. MARY DIEHL says:

    I really like the Merry & Bright Clarice, she is so adorable, but then they are all adorable. thank you

  47. I think my son would like the monkey!

  48. I love the My Little Pony Rainbow Dash!

  49. I would love the 16 in. WWF Red Panda

  50. Kim Jackson says:

    Love them all

  51. I think the Snowy Sparkles Bunny is so cute!

  52. I want cream puff kitty.

  53. Penny the penguin

  54. Crystal F says:

    My daughter would love the Twirls of Fun Snowy Sparkles Bunny. thank you!

  55. kim burnett says:

    clarice the reindeer

  56. either a my little pony or the hello kitty 🙂

  57. I would love to get Clarice.

  58. Jessica Snow says:

    Awe, we’re loving Pengy the Penguin.
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  59. Carey Miller says:

    The Glistening Winter White Polar Bear.

  60. Happy Husky!

  61. jessica edwards says:

    snowy sparkles bunny is cute

  62. I like the 18 in. Hello Kitty

  63. Hollie Secrest says:

    Frosty the Snowman

  64. Happy Huskey, he’s too cute!

  65. 15 in. Merry Mouse

  66. Samii Meyer says:

    I love the My Little Ponies!

  67. midnight teddy in yoda costume

  68. sheri blessing says:

    I like the cheerful monkey!

  69. Jill Myrick says:

    I would build Frosty the Snowman for my son for Christmas.


  70. My daughter would love pinkie pie!

  71. frosty the snowman

  72. I would make the Musical White Lamb

  73. Tanya White says:

    I like the 16 in. I Love One Direction Bear for my daughter.

  74. Stephanie Larison says:

    I love the black cat! The 15 in. Lucky Kitty

  75. Victoria R. says:

    Ah! They’re all so cute! I love the Cheerful Monkey!

  76. Erica Boscio says:

    Rudolph the red nosed reindeer

  77. Jennifer Reed says:

    I want to build the 15 in. Lucky Kitty from Build a Bear.

  78. The wishes Santa is adorable 🙂

  79. Ed Nemmers says:


  80. caitlin tate says:

    the penguin!

  81. Cálaeb Temple says:

    the orange tabby.

  82. Paula Michele Hafner says:

    I like the Snuggly Merry Mouse.

  83. Rainbow Dash! And where can I sign up for this kind of thing for my blog???

  84. We do build a bear every year for my daughters birthday she will be three this year and is already getting excited for the trip her birthdays three days after Christmas so its a special thing we started to make her day stand out

  85. My Little Pony Pinkie Pie

  86. Snowy Sparkles Bunny!

  87. I’d build the stuffed lion.

  88. I’d like the snow white .

  89. Natalie yeoman says:

    One direction bear

  90. I like the 16 in. Pinky the Penguin

  91. lucas nelson says:

    snow white bear

  92. Angela Newsome says:

    I went to the site but I couldn’t decide. This would be a Christmas gift so I’d let the lucky recipient make that decision. That is the fun in it anyway 🙂

  93. I would like to build the 16″ Pink Flurry Teddy.

  94. I like the Lucky Kitty!

  95. Alana Phillips says:

    We were just there a few weeks ago and my daughter got a stuffed stitch bear. Next time we have to get her a Pinky Pie from my little pony!

  96. The Happy Husky

  97. Rachel Ellis says:

    I like the Snuggle Up smallfrys® Hot Cocoa Moose.

  98. Leslie L Stanziani says:

    My daughter wants to make lucky kitty.

  99. Karen Drake says:

    I would build a Berry Merry Christmas Bear.

  100. Beth Klocinski says:

    16 in. Pengy the Penguin

  101. I would like to get the 16 in. Pengy the Penguin

  102. I like Pengy the Penguin

  103. Darlene Carbajal says:

    I would like the 17 in. Leopard-Print Hello Kitty by Sanrio.

  104. My grandson would like the 16 in. Frosty the Snowman.

  105. Vikki Billings says:

    I really like the Beary Merry Christmas Teddy

  106. Hayley Yearian says:

    I like the classic look…. Happy Hugs Classic Teddy Bear would be the one I would choose. Thanks for the opportunity!

  107. kathy pease says:

    id build the 16 in. Midnight Teddy

  108. I would make the Snuggly Merry Mouse.

  109. Terry Cross says:

    I like Twirls of Fun Snowy Sparkles Bunny

  110. spongebob

  111. Kathryn Mcneal says:

    I’d love to make either pinky or pengy, since I collect penguins.

  112. I would like the lucky kitty 15 inch!

  113. susan smoaks says:

    i would like to build the lucky kitty

  114. Clarice is adorable

  115. Tabathia B says:

    My daughter wants the 16 in. MY LITTLE PONY RAINBOW DASH®

  116. I’m pretty sure my nephews would love the Pirate or the Camo bears

  117. Samantha Daleo says:

    I like the Fancy Paws smallfrys® Merry Mint Pup! So cute!

  118. Oh, I really need a Yoda teddy!

  119. amy deeter says:

    the cream puff kitty.

  120. I would like to build Frosty the Jolly Snowman.

  121. Carolyn Daley says:

    I would love to build the adorable 15 in. Winter White Polar Bear.

  122. amanda whitley says:

    i would create the 16 in. MY LITTLE PONY PINKIE PIE for my daughter.

  123. I would love to make the small fries festive elf with my little girl

  124. Carole Ingram says:

    Rudolph is adorable, a bit pricey but still so very cute!!!

  125. I would get the Merry & Bright Clarice!

  126. I think both my boys would like the Noble smallfrys® Toy Soldier!

  127. Nose So Bright Rudolph is the one I want! So cute!

  128. I like the Merry & Bright Clarice!

  129. My Little Pony – Pinkie Pie!

  130. Thanks for the giveaway…15 in. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer for my daughter.

  131. Glistening Winter White Polar Bear

  132. Candace Calkins says:

    I would choose the 16 in. Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony because I know my daughter would love it!

  133. Pinkie pie or Rudolph

  134. Annemarie Z. says:

    I would like to build the Glistening Winter White Polar Bear!

  135. I’d like to build 16 in. MY LITTLE PONY PRINCESS TWILIGHT SPARKLE®.

  136. Christian Alejandro says:

    I really liked the Super Chill Pengy the Penguin.

  137. melissaandkeith miller says:

    Rainbow Dash My Little Pony.

  138. Sarah Marshall says:

    I would love to build the 16 in. Minnie Mouse Inspired Bear! So cute!


  140. Danielle S. says:

    frosty the snowman

  141. Michelle Tucker says:

    I’d like to make the Snuggle Up smallfrys® Hot Cocoa Moose.


  143. Mihaela Day says:

    I wanna build the 15 in. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer®

  144. Rainbow Dash.

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