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Candy Club Review: Candy delivered to your door

Candy Club is a fun product for every one of all ages. Who doesn’t like candy?

Candy Club

Candy Club is the Premiere Candy of the Month Club.  They bring the candy store directly to your door. Their candy experts carefully design your package. They start by selecting the most popular, best-loved, candies from nostalgic favorites to contemporary treats.

[tweetthis]@candyofthemonth is a great monthly box for anyone with a sweet tooth.[/tweetthis]

How does Candy Club work?

I have a sweet tooth and candy is my weakness. What is better than buying your favorite candy? I think it’s having it delivered right to your door! Ther are 3 easy steps to sign up for a subscription and to order your first box of candy.

  1. Select the 3 types of candy you want. You can pick all of your favorites or share with other family members.
  2. Pick the plan that suits you best. Plans start as low as $19.99 a month (plus shipping and handling).
  1. Wait impatiently for your candy to arrive.

There are over 7000 possible candy box choices to choose from.

I’m lucky my husband doesn’t have a sweet tooth at all, he hard ever eats sweets. This means I was able to pick 3 types of candy I wanted and didn’t have to share. Woohoo!

I had a hard time picking those candies let me tell you! I ended up going with the following:

Chewter’s minibala fruit filled candies, Caleys green apple drops, and Gustaf’s jelly babies. I enjoyed all the candy, the jelly babies were my absolute favorite! I have a weakness for gummy candy.

The fruit filled ones I keep in a baggy in my purse. This is great for when my mouth is dry, or when I need to eat and can feel my blood sugar drop although I don’t have diabetes.

The candy comes in little plastic jars with a metal lid and are totally adorable. They looked so cute on my desk until my sweet tooth took over and ate them all.

The green apple drops are great for those that like that real sour type of candy, I was actually shocked at the sharp sour taste at first. I got over that quickly once I knew what to expect and enjoyed them.

Your monthly shipment will include an assortment of fresh, premium candy from nostalgic favorites to popular new treats (up to 3 pounds) in three signature containers, plus a splash of nostalgic goodies sprinkled throughout the box!

Ready to try this delicious candy yourself? Please use coupon code 50f-candydeal for 50% off plus free shipping on your first box.

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I love getting my Candy Club! ?: @sam0035

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  1. Erin K.

    Oh my. I definitely need this in my life. I did not know this existed!

  2. barbg

    Yummy! I was so hoping this was a giveaway when I saw the post on fb. I would love to win a box! My son took over the grocery shopping and he does not buy me the amount of sweets I would like to have. even tough I have them on the list! 🙂

    1. Gina

      Awww how cruel not to buy mom the sweets she wants! I’m sorry it’s not a giveaway for you.

  3. Birdiebee

    I have never heard of candy being delivered to your door before so this is very interesting. It would certainly be a lot of fun testing the different candies.

  4. Sue E

    Is there a menu you pick from or they just send you their brand of candies? And I didn’t catch a price. I am a Diabetic & I know my hubby would not let me do this. I love chocolate!! This would make a yummy one-time gift for a family with kids @ Christmas is coming soon!

  5. Sara

    This candy looks so yummy
    Sara recently posted…Sky Trail at the Pittsburgh MillsMy Profile

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