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Candy Club is a great alternative to chocolate for Valentine’s Day.

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Candy Club is a great alternative to the standby chocolate for Valentine’s Day. You can even save 20% your order. What a “sweet” deal. 

Candy Club

If you have not heard about Candy Club yet, here is some information on the company.

Candy Club is the Premier Candy of the Month Club. They bring the candy store to your door. They take pride in offering our members an amazing variety of delicious and differentiated candies, specially selected by their team of candy experts for their members’ enjoyment, discovery, and surprise.

There are 3 different plans to choose from: monthly, 6 months and 12 months. Candy Club

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Let’s get to the good stuff and talk about the types of candy Candy Club offers.

There are over 7000 different types of candy to choose from! That is enough to curb any sweet tooth. Here are only a few of my favorites. I could eat candy all day long. 

Candy Club

  1. Gummi Peach Rings: I have a severe weakness for these. I buy them everytime I see them at the store. I love how one side is sweet and the other is a bit sour from the sugar. I tend to eat more than one at a time. Unfortunately, I’ve found out if you eat an entire bag in one sitting you get an upset stomach.
  2. Wonka Runts: Oh how these bring me back to my childhood. I loved eating these as a child. My sister and I would open the box and separate them by fruit flavor saving our favorites for last (cherry and banana).
  3. Gourmet Jelly Beans: Who doesn’t love these? They are great to eat alone or to make even more gourmet flavors. Ever make a Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich from them? 
  4. Red Fish: I tend to have a weakness for gummy candy. I remember my mom eating these all the time growing up. It was a treat when we got some of “mommy’s” candy. 

You can’t see all of the varieties Candy Club has until you sign up for a subscription. You can pick and choose each month which candy you want. What a great way to spoil your sweetheart with sweets all year round. 

Who would you love to spoil with some yummy sweets? If you follow the link to Candy Club you’ll automatically save $20! Now that’s a sweet deal!

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