Claessens’ Kids helps teach your kids to tell time.

It can be hard for kids to learn to tell time. It can also be difficult for them to tell how long 5 or 10 minutes is. The Clasessens’s Kids watch can help with both. The KWID learning watch teaches kids to read digital and analog time by displaying them together so kids can connect the two. The KWID also teaches time management skills, thanks to a digital hourglass timer that is great for tracking privileges, chores, tooth brushing time {Read More}

Dream Frenz Pillow Review

Dream Frenz are a fun pillow that also glow in the dark! They are pillows with a small tiny body that fits inside. The first Dream Frenz® appeared in a beautiful, sunny town by the Gulf of Mexico, a perfect spot for dreams to come true. A place where ocean breezes and the sound of the surf encourage many a child to dream marvelous dreams both day and night. The Dream Frenz family believes that every child should BE A {Read More}

Lost My Name Book Review

Lost My Name is a fun unique book for your child that is based on their name. It doesn’t matter what their name is, a book will be created for them. Lost My Name is a personalized story book. Each child’s adventure is totally unique and based on their name, for example, a child called Charlie would meet a Chameleon, Hippo, Aardvark, Robot, Lobster, Imp and an Elephant. Our Softcover Classic is perfect for any story time as well as a {Read More}

North Pole Kids Club Elf Kit Review

North Pole Kids’ Club has direct orders from Santa Claus to certify as many Junior Elves as possible. For kids that want to stay off the naughty list, enlisting in the North Pole Kids’ Club secures a spot on Santa’s nice list. Santa is especially busy during the holiday season, the North Pole Kids’ Club is brought to you by Cooper’s Corner, a magic workshop just outside of Denver, Colorado. We create fun and festive products that promote family togetherness {Read More}

Big Red Rooster Monkey Sound Machine Review

Big Red Rooster sells an adorable Portable Monkey Sound Machine. It’s perfect for not only in the nursery but when you are on the go. New parents are given a lot of advice but one worth heeding is never wake a sleeping baby. When baby sleeps through the night or even naps for an hour, hard working parents get some much-needed down time. Of course getting baby to sleep and stay asleep is a whole different topic! Big Red Rooster, {Read More}