Rose Cherami by Michael Marcades Book Review

Title: Rose Cherami Author: Michael Marcades Genre: Non-Fiction Publisher: JFK Lancer Productions & Publications, Inc Release Date: October 15, 2016 Buy Link: Amazon Summary: In Rose Cherami: Gathering Fallen Petals, Rose’s only son, Michael Marcades, pieces together the fragments of Rose’s troubled life – involving substance abuse, prostitution, and violence – to reveal startling truths about the events leading up to the assassination of President John Kennedy and what Rose may have known. Based on true events, JFK Lancer’s Gathering Fallen Petals {Read More}

Adult coloring books by Suzy Toronto review.

Are you looking for more adult friendly coloring books? I love these coloring books from Suzy Toronto. “Pretending to be normal day after day is exhausting,” says Suzy Toronto. Toronto is a self-proclaimed “wacky” woman, and she wants others to embrace their inner wackiness too. In fact, she’s created an entire art brand that speaks (mostly) to girls and women, inspiring them to embrace their rarity, goofiness, and everything that makes them unique—no matter how silly it may seem. Toronto works out of {Read More}

Ripley Publishing introduces two new board books

Ripley Publishing is expanding its line of popular children’s books with the launch of the company’s first board books, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! ODDphabet and Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Wacky 1-2-3, suitable for ages 3 and up. Ripley’s Believe It or Not! ODDphabet and Wacky 1-2-3 make learning letters and numbers tons of fun! From a painting elephant to singing mice, and everything in between, each quirky character is based on a true Ripley’s-verified story.   From A to {Read More}

Penance by Reese A. Stephens Book Review

Title: Penance  Author: Reese A. Stephens Series: An Oak Grove Suspense Book 2 Publisher: Winyan Press, LLC Genre: Thriller  Release Date: February 7, 2017 Pages: 282 Buy Link: Amazon Summary: Judson Hardenbergh’s life was perfect, that is until tragedy changed the course of his life. When a fire claims his family, he gives up on everything. Will moving back to his home town of Oak Grove save him from himself or drive him into deeper despair? For Ryan Jacobs, Oak Grove’s Chief {Read More}

Journey of a Cotton Blossom by J.C. Villegas Book Review

Title: Journey of a Cotton Blossom Author: J.C.Villegas Publisher: Brown Books Publishing Group Genre: Historical Fiction Release Date: September 15, 2016 Pages: 302  Buy Links: Amazon/Barnes & Noble  Summary: Born amid the bigotry of the Deep South, mixed-race Joseph is a slave in all but name. Separated from his mother at birth, he yearns to run away from his loveless home and find her. It’s a journey that will take him from plantation to plantation and hardship to hardship, yielding joy, sorrow, {Read More}