makes it easy to design mom a unique photo locket.

Are you looking for a one of the kind unique present for mom this year? Look no further than a personalized photo locket from has many different options for beautiful personalized jewelry for different occasions. Mother’s Day is a big holiday to design personalized items for mom. Moms and grandmothers love to show off their loved ones with pictures, why not make them a piece of jewelry to do so.  It is extremely easy to design your own {Read More}

My top 20 jewelry themed gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. It can be hard to find mom/grandma or even aunt that perfect gift. I am going to feature a few different gift themes that can be found easily on Amazon. This will take the guesswork out of it for you in your busy life. Sedmart Tree of life pendant Amethyst Rose Crystal Necklace Gemstone Chakra Jewelry Mothers Day Gifts Qianse “I Love You Mom” Engraved Trinity Ring Pendant Necklace with Swarovski Crystal QIANSE “Mona Lisa” {Read More}

Luca + Dani Butterfly Bracelet Review

Luca + Dani sells beautiful jewelry. This beautiful butterfly bracelet is an exclusive design, available only through Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.   The founder of Luca + Danni lost his younger brother to Leukemia. His brother always dreamed of evolving their family jewelry business by starting their own brand. The older brother left his career on Wall Street and created Luca + Danni in his memory. This partnership with Dana-Farber (where his younger brother was treated) is a way for him {Read More}

Nickel Plated Ball Chain Necklace Review

Nickel Plated Ball Chain Necklace is great for dog tag, crafts, or any need you have for a replacement necklace chain. After trying various brands and styles of ball chain necklaces, we wanted to find a necklace that was comfortable, didn’t easily ruse and could be use over and over without breaking. We searched for a while until we finally found something that met our quality standards. We found ball chain necklaces that snapped with the slightest tug and seemingly {Read More}

AKA Originals Men’s Leather Bracelet

Did you have a hard time picking out a great Father’s Day gift this year? I did. I would’ve been racking my mind longer if it wasn’t for AKA Originals coming to my rescue. They offered me the chance to review one of their awesome custom men’s leather bracelets, which actually is PERFECT for my daughter’s dad. I fell in love with this idea immediately. My daughter’s dad loves bracelets and personalized items. He also adores our daughter and beams {Read More}