How to find free e-books

E-readers are a popular way to read books these days. I personally love my e-reader and don’t really read print books anymore. I’m going to try and incorporate more print books into my reading though.   In my house is a house divided on how to read. My husband and I both love to read, we just read differently and different genres. My husband likes to read traditional print books. He says he likes to hold the book in his {Read More}

New Years Resolution

The new year starts tomorrow, what is your new years resolution? I can’t believe today is New Year’s Eve already. Where in the world did 2015 go? The year is ending different than I ever expected. I had some very big changes in my personal life. They are good not drama filled but still unexpected. This is the time of year where people make resolutions for the new year. The most common are: *to lose weight *exercise *stop smoking History {Read More}

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! The blog is closed today so that we can celebrate the holiday with our families.

History of Messaging

Texting messaging is a way of life anymore for our society, especially for teenagers.   Texting messaging is a way of life anymore for our society, especially for teenagers. Cell phone plans have changed over the years because of this. I remember when I first got a cell phone the plan was so many minutes a month with free nights and weekends (remember that?). Texting was not automatic and you were given a set amount of texts a month. That {Read More}

Guest Posting To Establish Strong Online Reputation

For bloggers, writing guest posts is an effective strategy when it comes to building their online reputation. It is an avenue for building relationships that help in promoting your brand. The approach can be used by individual bloggers and also business owners seeking to reach out to a wider market. There are several benefits associated with guest blogging. It gives you access to a wider audience, and this increases traffic to your website. It builds your online credibility as you {Read More}