How to Create a Stimulating Work at Home Environment

**This post is brought to you by Davis Air Conditioning & Heating** Whether you’re a telecommuter or a freelancer, you know that working at home can be both a blessing and a curse. It’s difficult to be productive if your home environment isn’t conducive to work. Here are some tips for creating a home workspace that is both comfortable and stimulating. As a blogger, I love having my own personal workspace. My husband turned our daughter’s old bedroom into an {Read More}

Why I love the computer program Grammarly

There are many computer programs out there to help you to write a professional letter or resume. It’s college application time for some students. Having poor grammar can stop you from getting the job you want, or into the college of your choice. Grammarly can help with both of those. Personally, I have had learning disabilities in school and to this day I struggle with proper grammar. I love that I have spell check on my computer now, I have a {Read More}

Sticky Note Display Craft

Are you a fan of sticky notes? Do you wish you had a creative way to display the notes you wrote down? I made this simple and easy sticky note display craft. I love to use sticky notes to keep track of quick ideas of my to do list, or things I want to remember in my blogging. When I’m in work mode my brain works a mile a minute. I’ll be working on one thing, and my brain will {Read More}

Planners for 2017 Round-Up

Planners are a great way to stay organized. It’s the start of a new year, why not start it off right with a beautiful new planner? Here are some I love.   I have an addiction to office supplies and planners are just part of that addition. I have a planner for personal life and for my business. It’s important for me to stay organized or I’ll forget appointments or things I must do for work.  Some people like to {Read More}

Case-it the Mighty Zip Tab Binder Review

Case•it products are designed to assist people in the increasingly difficult task of keeping our busy lives in order. Case•it was born more than 35 years ago with the advent of the 8-track tape. Many people don’t know what an 8-track tape is anymore, but the invention of these now extinct sound recording cartridge’s marked the genesis of the cutting edge Case•it binders and accessories still helping students, professionals and hobbiest to excel at work and play. That catalyst also {Read More}