At a Glance Vienna Appointment Book Review

At a Glance makes it easy to stay organized in 2017. They sell a variety of planners. I love my new Vienna Appointment Book. You can purchase it on Shoplet. Shoplet is your own stop shop for office supplies, cleaning supplies, and office furniture. You can even purchase medial supplies! The classic medallion design is given a twist by pairing it with these vibrant colors. Fun, die-cut durable poly cover is great for both work and home. Monthly tabs for {Read More}

Teacher Peach Modern Color-Rich 5-Piece Desk Set Review

Do you have a favorite teacher on your holiday shopping list this year? The 5 piece desk set from Teacher Peach is the perfect gift. Teacher Peach is all about teachers—every day! Teacher Peach supports teachers and helps those who appreciate teachers to acknowledge the great work teachers do—with great products teachers love. Teachers love to explore Teacher Peach and discover unique and inspiring products. With Teacher Peach, it’s easy to champion and support these amazing teachers—with amazing products that {Read More}

Commit30 2017 Planner Review

Commit30 helps you get back on track and stay there with their beautiful day planners. The Commit30 brand was created by Jenny Newcomer, a product designer and event planner in Colorado. For Jenny, Commit30 is an opportunity to combine her love of organization, her Type A personality and her event planning experience. Jenny’s background includes more than 15 years of marketing, brand development and product manufacturing – all preparing her for the launch of Commit30. Jenny believes that committing to {Read More}

Filofax Floral Refill Pack Review

Filofax sells different refills for 2017 for your Filofax planner. I love the Floral Illustrated Diary Refill. The Filofax personal organizer had developed from a simple loose-leaf diary and notebook into an indispensable organizer and status symbol for the 80’s. The popularity of Filofax over the past decade has naturally led many people to believe it is a relatively new concept. Yet its origins go back as far as the First World War. [tweetthis]@filofax sells refill inserts for your planner {Read More}

NETGEAR can helps to amplify your Wifi

NETGEAR can boost your WiFi to the extreme with their Nighthawk X4 Wall-plug extender. This is great to have make your home WiFi the strongest it can possibly be. NETGEAR sells products for both your home and your     business. NETGEAR makes it easy for you to have the smartest home in the neighborhood, with the latest, fastest networking technology. Their easy-to-use products can help you work and play easily online with speed and security. NETGEAR focuses on all things connected, with the goal of making {Read More}