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Jan 04

Mega Monopoly Game Review

**My blog uses affiliate links** Winning Moves Games sells games for the whole family. One of those is Mega Monopoly. Mega Monopoly is a modern twist to the classic game we all love. Winning Moves USA (WMUSA) is a leading maker of board games, card games, and puzzles. Since WMUSA’s first year of operation in 1995, …

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Dec 20

Sugar Goblin Review

The Sugar Goblin is great for more than just Halloween. Think of all the other events your children attend that are full of candy and other sugar. Every year as the leaves begin to change, when the pumpkins are carved and Halloween is near, whisper into the night, “Tricks for treats.” You don’t know when …

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Dec 14

BattleGoats Card Game Review

BattleGoats is a  goat filled modern combination of classic card games like Memory and War. One day in the land of Goatopia, a group of unknown heroes appeared through a blinding flash in the sky. They wore fancy armor and wielded powerful weapons. The Goatopians looked on as the outsiders clashed in battle with each other. …

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Dec 13

Pie Face Game Review

Pie Face is a fun game for families to spend quality time together while being silly! We all know to head to our local Staples to get our much needed office supplies. Did you know you can also buy unexpected gifts there? For example, you can purchase Pie Face at your local Staples! The exciting …

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Nov 23

Neat-Oh! Magnutto Make a Pet Review

Neat-Oh! has a great toy that allows your children to be creative and to learn to show different emotions. Neat-Oh! is a company born from creativity, innovation and true care for children and parents. They have been making playtime even more “special” for over 10 years, offering a large range of products which have won …

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