Wrapurse protects the bottom of your purse.

Wrapurse helps to keep the bottom of your beloved (and sometimes expensive) purse germ free. Just imagine the germs on the bottom of it from being on the floor. Wrapurse was designed by a single mom of two active boys. It was after discovering chewing gum on the bottom of her expensive purse after a day watching her son’s play sports that Wrapurse was born. I’m sure you are wondering what exactly Wrapurse is. Wrapurse is a designer cover that protects the bottom {Read More}

Review: One maxi dress, that can be worn 5 different ways.

It’s summertime and we all want to freshen up our wardrobe but do not always have the money to fully do so. The Flora Florida’s Women 5 Use Cotton Convertible Twist Wrap Maxi Beach Dress helps with this issue. **stock picture provided from Amazon** Maxi dresses are in style now and oh so comfortable. This is probably why they are so popular. This particular dress can be worn 5 different ways. It’s suitable for beach, cocktail, party, casual etc. It comes in {Read More}

KIS Jewelry : Inspirational

KIS Jewelry is a wonderful website full of inspirational jewelry. Keeping it Sensational, is exactly what they are doing with their inspirational words. I came across KIS Jewelry by chance, and I’m so glad I did. They have lovely inspirational jewelry for women everywhere. There’s something for everyone of all life styles and religions. There’s something for the animal lover, the yoga masters and the karma believers. There’s even some fleur-de-lis jewelry. I found a few great gifts for Mother’s {Read More}

AKA Originals Personalized Jewelry

AKA Originals personalized jewelry is beautiful. With handstamped custom necklaces, personalized bracelets and more, they are the perfect place to shop this Mother’s Day. AKA Originals personalized jewelry has mostly hand stamped jewelry, but some is also etched. They have a variety of jewelry pieces you can pick from and they’re all rather lovely. All of the items they sell are made by hand and are made with 0.925 sterling silver and copper metal. They are a family run business {Read More}

Yardley London Soaps Review

Yardley London has amazing bar soaps. They’re very nice smelling and I love them. I’ve used them for years, as a bar soap. I had no idea a Yardley online-shop existed and I was surprised when I came across it. They have more than just luxurious artisan bar soaps these days. They have body washes and scrubs, and guess what? They have gift baskets! These would make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, so of course they’re on our Mother’s {Read More}