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Ceaseless-202x300As Ember celebrates her 18th birthday, she struggles to find her true purpose in life. In a world where men rule and women are viewed as objects to obtain, love is often placed last on the list. But everything changes when Elijah, the son of a Native Shaman enters her life. Knowing true love for the first time, Ember’s heart is broken when her father forbids her from seeing him again. Manipulated into marrying a man she doesn’t love, Ember finds herself trapped in a sadistic game, fighting to find a way back to her soul mate, Elijah.

Will a reincarnation spell that binds their souls together be enough to save their love in this lifetime? Ceaseless takes you on a magical journey of love and betrayal that will leave you asking; what happens next?!

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The Magic of Writing by Mindy Marin

The moment I reached the top of Grandfather Mountain, I could feel that I was in a magical place. Arriving midday just before a storm, the clouds already surrounded us and the wind blew at hurricane strength. One of the last groups allowed to hike the trail up to the whistling bridge, we paused at the foot of the cliff to take it all in. The majestic mountain stood firm while trees blew and birds took cover in the nooks of rocks that covered it. This was a place from another time, in another world.

I took out my camera and began to capture some of the most amazing photos I’ve ever taken. Once I returned home, I went through the images with my husband Alex. “This is the one,” I said. The photo above is the original picture that turned out to be the cover for my book Ceaseless: Birth of the Phoenix. With the help of my incredible husband, who is also a graphic artist, the cover came to life before my eyes and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Everything about the Ceaseless series came to me in some form of spiritual way. From my near deathexperience in the hospital, came the dreams of a young girl and her true love. Through my love of fantasy came the photograph of Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland, the inspiration for Erindale Castle in my book. Maybe it was just a coincidence that my inspiration for the cover came from a mountaintop on a stormy day in North Carolina. Or did the spirits of that magical land lead me there on purpose?

We all have a little magic in us and I believe that writing stories is one way to share it.




Mindy Marin is an up and coming author with a background in the entertainment industry. Working as an Mindyindependent contractor in film and television, she pursued writing as another expression of her creativity. Ceaseless: Birth of the Phoenix is the first book in the Ceaseless series and Mindy’s first published work.
Mindy was inspired to tell this story of unwavering love after a near death experience where she spent two weeks in a hospital. Having the same dream repeatedly she felt drawn to the idea of past lives and reincarnation, it was then that she began to write down snippets of her dreams and her character’s stories began to come to life.

Mindy is a mother of three and currently lives in Tampa, Florida with her husband Alex and two younger children.

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