Centime Couple Name Ring

Centime makes beautiful customized jewelry for women everywhere. They have some amazing pieces and I absolutely love them. I saw their couple name rings and fell in love!



Centime sells a lot of jewelry pieces that can be customized. This couple’s ring is perfect for Mother’s Day. When we think of jewelry for moms we all tend to think of pieces with her children’s names on it. We often forget that mom was/is part of a couple. You can choose to have children’s names added to this ring or go the traditional route and have mom and dad’s names on it.

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What makes the Centime couples ring unique?

We’ve all seen personalized jewelry with names. The Centime couple’s ring is unique. Not only can you pick two names, you can pick the font style from 6 different fonts the company offers.


I chose font number 6: Classy.  I have a hard time finding jewelry I can wear that does not irritate my skin. I have sensitive skin and arthritis so I can’t stand tight things against my skin. I now wear this ring as my wedding ring. My original rings would dig into my fingers too much when my hands would swell.

This ring is not only beautiful and unique, it’s very comfortable. I don’t even notice I’m wearing it most of the time. My husband’s name is Marty. The ring has both of our names Marty & Gina, with the & sign between each name.

Centime let’s you go one step further in customizing.

If you choose, you can add a heart between each name instead of the &. There are 3 different types of metals you can choose from: Sterling silver, Yellow gold plated, Rose gold plated. I chose the sterling silver.

Customized pieces usually take a big longer to make and ship. Your order will be done and ready to ship in only 10-15 business days. So there is still time to order a beautiful customized ring for Mother’s Day.


All orders from $70 will qualify for free shipping. (USPS First Class Mail or International Standard where applicable) Upon receipt of full payment and full personalization details, your order will be processed within 2-3 weeks and shipped to the specified shipping address by one of the following shipping method.

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