Feb 17

Cerberuso: A Versatile Multitool

Cerberuso makes this amazing multitool that replaces many of your commonly used household tools.

Cerberuso multitool

The Cerbeuso Multitool was a much needed tool in my house. This one small tool can fit in the palm of your hand and replaces 13 tools commonly used in minor household repairs.

This reliable multitool is constructed from high quality, durable stainless steel and is ultra reliable and robust. Featuring wire cutters, wire strippers, spring loaded nose pliers, serrated edge knife, long blade, short blade, bottle opener, can opener, flathead screwdrivers in 3 sizes, Phillips screwdriver and file.

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Is your husband tired of you stealing his tools?

I needed my own multitool because my husband is tired of me stealing his. We have many tools in the house since my husband is a contractor. However it seems I can never find the exact tool that I need when I need it. If I need a Phillips head screwdriver I can only find the flat head one and visa versa. I no longer have that problem now. Everything I can possibly need to do simple household repairs is in one handy little tool.

My husband loves that I have my own multitool now. I have the habit of not putting his back exactly where he keeps it. The kitchen drawer I keep tools in is also less cluttered. With this one tool I replaced 13 others, which is amazing since this folds up and fits into the palm of your hand.  I love that there is a nylon sheath pouch. This is valuable as you can attach the tool to your waist for easy access as you work.

Cereruso offers a 100% money back guarantee, this tool is solid stainless steel and has a lifetime guarantee.

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