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Do you or your children love chalk, how about markers? Paper & Twine offer the best of both world’s! I was given the great opportunity to their Liquid Chalkers.

About Liquid Chalkers:

This is the story of how we developed the best, artist quality, liquid chalk markers you’ll find…

Hi, my name is Louise Fox from Paper and Twine and if you’re looking for chalk markers, I’d like to tell you why I think these are your best choice.

I am a proud mother of three and was looking for an easy, effective way to encourage creativity in my family. I stumbled on the liquid chalk phenomenon and discovered that this was a no-mess way to have loads of artistic fun around the house for myself, my children and even my husband. After some experimentation with my family, I worked out lots of simple fun things to do with the markers that have had friends and teachers asking what we are doing with the kids to have them be so creative (not to mention the fun my hubbie and I have had with them).

The problem with other markers I found on the market…

Initially, I didn’t like the other chalk markers I used. After hearing about how fun liquid chalk could be I bought and tried just about every liquid chalk marker I could find. I really liked the idea but I had all kinds of issues with the markers I found – tips drying out or cracking, markers running out of ink after just a short session, the liquid chalk not wiping off surfaces correctly like it should (even on non-porous surfaces like our fridge) and other issues I won’t bore you with.

Here’s how we solved the problem and created these STELLAR markers…

So I loved the idea of liquid chalk and, when we could get them to work, the family had a blast with them as well. I decided to do it right and I spent months of time and many thousands of dollars to research everything that would make an amazing marker.

I scoured the planet and found the best liquid chalk ink, best marker bodies and most premium tips. It was expensive to create the final markers we settled on but when we finally got the small batch done I was so excited that I shared them with some close friends to test.

The results were wonderful and beyond my expectations. My friends and family had an absolute ball with the new markers or ‘Liquid Chalkers’ as I decided to call them.
Liquid Chalkers

My Review:

My family has a dry ease board set up in a central location. It was meant to be to leave important reminders and such. Instead it turned out to be a place to leave funny messages for each other. We do have some traditional dry ease markers for the white board.

We love the liquid chalkers the most. It’s fun to draw and add colors to your writings or drawlings. What I love is that there is no odor to them. We all know how traditional dry ease markers smell. These also erase very quickly and easily.

You can use these liquid chalkers on more than white boards. They work on chalkboards, windows, and mirrors. You can leave cute love notes for your loved ones on the mirror. I think these are great for decorating as well. Children love to decorate and draw, you can let them safely decorate the windows with these chalkers. 

I highly recommend these  liquid chalkers for your family. You can purchase your own here

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