Checkered Chef Cooling/Baking Rack Review

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Do you do a lot of baking? A good cooling rack is a must!

Checkered Chef Cooling/Baking Rack


My Thoughts on the Checked Chef Cooling/Baking Rack:

A cooling rack allows your baked goods to cool evenly.  You can even use it to cool your dinner that is piping hot from the oven. 

This rack can even be used IN the oven. This would make cooking bacon in the oven so much easier and faster. Just be sure to put the cooling rack into another baking pan or clean up the bacon grease from the bottom of your oven quickly.

I don’t have a lot of counter space in my apartment. It’s difficult to make more than 1 batch of cookies or cupcakes at a time because there is no space for them to cool completely. I love the fact that I can cool an entire tray of cookies on this rack. It takes up next to no room on my counter. This makes it so much easier for me to bake now. 

In the fall/winter I love to bake different deserts since I have such a sweet tooth. It’s actually cheaper and healthier to bake your own instead of purchasing them already made at your grocery store. You can find so many great recipes online, or you can experiment and make your own. That’s how all trusted and loved recipes started anyway!

This rack is very well constructed and strong.  It will not bend or twist when something heavy is put on it.

It’s even dish washer safe. I love that there is a thin bar down the center for extra support.  This is one item I feel every kitchen should have.

This cooling rack is made from 100% stainless steel. There is nothing added to the metal. It fits up to your standard 18″x13″ half sheet pans.  

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To learn more about this product or to purchase your own check them out on Amazon. Be sure to also check out the other items they sell.

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