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The Chickenlivers is a subscription box service for your kids. You can have religious stories or stories filled with morals delivered right to your door!

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The Chickenlivers has a great box they can send you. Stories with a Message, Fun by the Box! This month they are offering “Don’t Judge a Rock by it’s Color.” It comes with a book, coloring book, crayons and a cute rock plush, named Rock-a-ta! It’s a bit odd to see a rock as a plush, but it’s cute all the same.

My daughter actually calls Rock-a-ta, a ghost rock. She finds it downright adorable and has slept with it every night since getting it. She insists he’s a happy rock ghost, but he does look like he’s sad to me. She loves having a character from her new book to be friends with. She sits with him while she learns a few important messages.

Now, The Chickenlivers doesn’t exactly come out and state the message throughout the book. In fact, you’ll only hear the exact message in it’s title. The story has a few good things in it, that your kids likely will not pick up on, but still learn.

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In this book, I’ve learned: nothing good comes from stealing. Sometimes our biggest enemy is want. (Wanting more than what we have.) The best things in life are free and can be found right in your home. Sometimes we need to NOT find what we want. And lastly, a scary creature can be a wise one and a friend. Basically, it’s a good book about judgement. It shows you good judgement, bad judgement and the gray rock in-between.

The story is very colorful and told again in the coloring book, so that your kids can re-create the story pictures as they see fit. I think it’s a wonderful book to read over and over. You can ask your children what they have learned each time. They may pick up on some new lesson, they didn’t think was in it before. I highly recommend checking out The Chickenlivers and connecting below with them to see what their next message-filled adventure contains!

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