Mar 11

Chubby Puppies and Friends

Chubby Puppies have the cuteness factor kids love and enjoy! “Each rollie pollie Chubby Puppy is unique and waddles and hops in their own adorable way.”

Chubby Puppies and Friends, chubby puppies, review[tweetthis]#ChubbyPuppies from @SpinMaster are fun adorable toys for kids this #Easter![/tweetthis]

I am loving the Chubby Puppies Boston Terrier from Spin Master! It’s an adorable little pup full of fun for your little ones! It hops and waddles! You can move the legs for some adorable unique hops/waddles from your chubby puppy and you will be laughing all the way. The Boston Terrier Chubby Puppy comes with a cute little duck toy and includes batteries. (I love toys that include the batteries. It’s so much easier on us parents. Spin Master is actually really good at including them.)

How many different Chubby Puppies are there?

There are Thirteen Chubby Puppies! The Pug is exclusive to Toys R Us.  However, Chubby Puppies come in Beagle, French Bulldog, Bernese Mountain dog, Springer Spaniel, Husky, Collie, Golden Retriever, Cocker Spaniel, Golden Doodle, Shih Zhu and Bulldog! (Don’t forget the Boston Terrier I got for review.) They also have some cute Chubby Puppy Play sets for your kids to enjoy! Chubby Puppies now have Chubby Friends! You can choose between two cats or a bunny if your kid is not a fan of puppies. (Some aren’t dog people I guess, we won’t hold that against you!)

My daughter will be getting a The Boston Terrier Chubby Puppy in her Easter basket this holiday! Why? Because it’s adorable! It’s a small, inexpensive toy that comes to life for her and Spring is about new life! We are having a nice Spin Master filled Easter basket for her, along with a few books! I think she’ll really enjoy playing with her Chubby Puppy, Kinetic Sand and DigiFriends this Easter! We will be giving away Golden Doodle in the Spin Master Easter Giveaway below!  Check out the adorable puppies in the YouTube Video, then go enter to win on the DigiFriends post!

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