Cody and the Mysteries of the Universe

Cody and the Mysteries of the Universe is a children’s book written by Tricia Springstubb and illustrated by Eliza Wheeler. It is recommended for young readers ages seven to ten. This book isn’t released yet, however you can pre-order it on amazon for the release date of April 12th, 2016.cody and the mysteries of the universe, cody and the mysteries of the universe book, cody and the mysteries of the universe review, books by Tricia Springstubb

Summary of Cody and the Mysteries of the Universe –

Not everything turns out to be as it first appears when Cody and her best friend, Spencer, navigate a neighborhood mystery and the start of a new school year.
Cody’s best friend, Spencer, and his parents are moving in with his grandmother right around the corner, and Cody can’t wait. For one thing, Cody needs Spencer to help solve the mystery of the never-seen Mr. Meen, who lives on the other side of the porch with a skull-and-crossbones sign in the window and an extermination truck out front. How’s Cody to know that a yellow jacket would sting her, making her scream “Ow! Ow!” just as they start spying? Or that the ominous window sign would change overnight to “Welcome home,” only deepening the mystery? In this second adventure, Spencer’s new-school jitters, an unexpected bonding with a teacher over Mozart, and turf-claiming kids next door with a reason for acting out are all part of Cody’s experiences as summer shifts into a new year at school.

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Cody and the Mysteries of the Universe is the second book in the Cody series. The first one was called Cody and the Fountain of Happiness. I missed the first book, however it sounds interesting and like something I would want to read. I’m all for finding a Fountain of Happiness!

This book is 144 pages long. It’s long enough to keep a young one’s attention and short enough to guarantee they’ll finish it. It’s got a good size font to it for easy reading. The illustrations are cute. They’re not colorful, but I don’t think an eight year old would mind. My niece is turning eight this year and I am sure she will love this book.

Cody isn’t exactly exploring the universe in this book, but is exploring the world around her. Things seem to be changing for her as a new school year approaches. Her friend just moved near by, there’s a mysterious neighbor, and some troublesome kids. This book is a bit about growth and friendships, new and old. You never know who may become a friend. Cody and the Mysteries of the Universe is great little story that all kids can relate to on some level. I may have to buy the first book to get caught up entirely on this series, but it’s looking like a good one. I highly recommend buying the Cody series if your child loves to read!

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