How do you organize your coupons?

Do you use a lot of coupons to stretch your grocery budget? It can really help especially if you match coupons with your favorite grocery stores sales. It’s also helpful if your store doubles coupons. I have two stores in my area that double up to .99 every day.

In order to make the most out of using coupons is to stay organized. Coupons will not benefit you if you can’t find them or have a system set up to use them quickly in the store. No one likes to stand in a long line after grocery shopping. If you are using coupons it’s best to have them ready to hand to the cashier instead of digging for them at the register.

I recently changed the way I organize my coupons. I was using the binder method. In this method you use a 3ring binder and baseball card page protectors. You insert one coupon into one of the pockets so you can see them easily. This method worked for awhile but I wanted to try something different.

old wayThe new way I’m organizing my coupons sounds labor intensive and complicated but it’s really not.  You can separate your coupons by department (dairy, canned goods, breakfast etc). Personally I choose to organize mine in alphabetical order. This makes it quicker to find the coupon I want, especially if I visit an unfamiliar store.

I have an envelope for every letter of the alphabet separated by a divider. I also have an envelope in the front of the container to put coupons I’m going to use. This way when I get to the register all the coupons I’m using are in one place.

I also keep a pen in the box for checking off items from my shopping list. You can keep a pair of scissors in it as well.

new wayAlthough I make a shopping list, I always take my coupons to the store with me. A lot of times stores will have in store unannounced sales. It is also a good idea to have the coupons with you in case you decide to purchase something that is not on your list.

You can get coupons from the sunday paper, or you can print them out. Always check with your local store to see if they accept printable coupons. Here are a few sites that you can print coupons from:

This is by no means the only sites that offer printable coupons. You can google printable coupons to find others sites. I hope this blog post helps you organize your coupons and stretch your grocery budget.

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