We’re Carrying Crayola Back to School!

Did you know Crayola has a ColorCycle Program? You can gather old markers from your school and send them in. These markers are then repurposed! Get your school involved on Crayola.com! Speaking of markers and school, aren’t markers on your back-to-school list? What about crayons? Colored pencils?crayola review

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Crayola has it all! They have the best quality products for all your projects. They also have marker sizes of all sorts! Powerlines are awesome for those posterboard projects you always end up finding out about last minute. (Back to school tip, buy around 20 posterboards at the beginning and store them somewhere. You’ll never have that last minute run!)  Powerlines are scented markers as well, so they’re super fun to use while doing that dreadful project. There’s also thin scented markers called Doodle Scents, these are great for everyday use on detailed coloring pages. (*Psst, Crayola.com offers free coloring pages, you’re welcome.)

Crayola’s got window markers for special messages. Pip Squeaks, which are perfect for your kindergarteners, along with their themed markers and 8-pack crayons. I love their twist-up crayons which are great for the older kids (probably not recommended for school use but at home should be fine).   Model Magic is great for DIY Crafts when your little student is off. They have multiple themes for models as well.

How We’re Using Crayola For Back to School

We’re sending our kids to school well-prepared with their 10 pack washable markers, 24 pack crayons and colored pencils. (I didn’t receive colored pencils, but I BUY CRAYOLA ANYWAY. I love their products that much.) I’m super excited to have their Powerlines markers for those pesky posterboard projects. I believe in quality for the kids, if you go to some other brands, the colors are barely there. I’ve had crayons melt if left in sunlight, and never had this happen to Crayola. (Although it may at some degrees, I’m not sure.) Crayola markers seem to last the longest, and all of their colors come out nicely.

If you’re going to color, color your world Crayola. Don’t forget Crayola offers free printable coloring pages and they also have some discounts for Crayola.com purchases. Make sure you check out their special offers page!

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  1. Crayola is the best. They have so many different products available now!

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