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I am excited to bring to you my review of some of Crayola‘s most popular items that can be used as stocking stuffers. Stocking Stuffers are always a tough thing to think up with for my family. Crayola is a brand we all know and love when it comes to crayons. Did you know they sell much more than that?  

Art supplies make a great stocking stuffer. I remember when my daughter was younger she loved when she got new art supplies. I love art supplies because they also foster a child’s imagination. The possibilities of creativity are endless with some art supplies and paper. 

Crayola Stocking Stuffers


These are the items I received:


Colored pencils

Washable markers

Pip squeak markers

Pip squeak markers in disguise

Water color paint

Arctic Fire Sidewalk Chalk

Silly Putty

Dora the Explorer Magic Wonder Paper

Magic Wonder Gel Paints

There is a very special child in my life that will be over the moon with joy this holiday season. She loves to draw and create. This box of fun art supplies will keep her busy for a long time. I love to see her imagination in action.

Did you know that Crayola has free to print coloring pages on their website? You can see them all here

They also have some DIY crafts you can do. They are listed by age. This is a great way for parents to spend some fun quality time with their children. You can see them all listed here.

Another great thing you can find on their website are lesson plans. The lesson plans can be used for both teachers and home schoolers. They can all be found here.

When buying for that special child in your life this year, don’t forget to pick up some great Crayola products.

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