CushionCare makes working on the computer less painful.

CushionCare makes this wonderful keyboard wrist pad and mouse wrist pad set.

CushionCare Wrist Rests

CushionCare is sold on Amazon by the SoSimple company. Sosimple is an online company dedicated to promote and sell items to help improve your life such as: kitchen utensils & gadgets, and products for health and personal care.

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How does the CushionCare benefit you while working on the computer?

If you spend a long period of time on the computer you know your wrists can get very sore and even cold to the touch. This is due to poor circulation and your wrists not being in the correct position. When your wrists are aligned correctly you can help avoid common conditions like: carpal tunnel syndrome. If you have any form of arthritis the use of a wrist rest will help you to not cause anymore damage to your already painful joints.

I spend most of my waking hours working on the computer. This can be hard on my wrists for the keyboard and mouse. I was actually noticing my mouse hand (right hand) was always extremely cold due to the angle my wrist was in.

I have wanted a set of wrist rests for a long time and was very happy to be able to review this set. This set is very comfortable and easy to use. I’ve noticed an immediate relief to my sore wrists.

The rests are black so they match any design decor of your laptop or office. I think the little sleeping sheep for the company’s logo is super cute as well.

I feel anyone that spends a lot of time on the computer would benefit from this set. It’s also a great price for both wrist rests. Sometimes you are paying this much for just one and of course them matching is a plus.

One of the reasons I love the CushionCare wrist rests is that the company has a 3 year satisfaction guarantee. Usually this is only for one year.

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