Review: Das Boom Industries

Das Boom Industries makes a unique body wash brick for men.

Das Boom Body Brick

Das Boom Industries sells a bath and body line designed just for men. Gina’s Library of Reviews is happy to bring you this review of their Detroit (Tobacco, Musk & Motor Oil) Body Brick – Soap Infused Sponge.

My Thoughts about the Detroit (Tobacco, Musk & Motor Oil) Body Brick – Soap Infused Sponge:

There are two men in my life that get very messy at work. My dad is a tire mechanic and my husband is a carpenter that doesn’t have just one specialty. When they come home from work they are covered in dirt, grease, dry wall dust, saw dust etc. They both like the bar soap Irish Spring. Unfortunately at times it’s not able to do the job to get them really clean. This is where the body brick comes in handy! You get 2 sponges in a box so they were each able to try it out for me.

Here is the product description:

This spicy and smoky blend of tobacco, musk and motor oil is a tribute to Motor City’s industrious legacy. Double down with this 2-in-1 body soap and sponge.

How to Use: Lather up from head to toe. Contains two bricks 2×62.5g/ Net Wt. 2.20oz each. Retails $22.

There are 4 other scents available in this line: West Indies (Bay Rum, Smoke & Dirt), Bourbon County (Bourbon & Leather), Kyoto (Yuzo, Shiso & Saffron), Denali (Juniper, Pine & Cedar). Neither of them noticed any skin irritation. The scent is nice and not over powering. We are all happy with the results, it’s easier for the men to wash away the dirt and grime from work now. 

Connect with Das Boom Industries:

To learn more about the Detroit (Tobacco, Musk & Motor Oil) Body Brick – Soap Infused Sponge or to purchase your own, check them out on their website.

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